Best Old Fashioned Baby Walkers | Expert Reviews in 2021

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old fashioned baby walkers

Babies are the essence of a family. After waiting for nine or ten long months, when a baby is born, nothing else can take the place it. When the initial stage is over, the baby starts to roam around all over the house and make everyone busy with silly works. Then, the parents begin to think about how their baby will learn to walk without any injuries. It is obvious that no parents would want to see their infant suffering much. So, how to find out a solution to this problem?? The best helping tool for the baby in this purpose is a walker. Recently, many companies have produced various kinds of baby walkers, but most of them are plastic made. But to be honest, most of the parents, even in this fast third world, choose the old fashioned baby walkers over newly designed walkers for some reason. Some parents choose the old one because they think the old fashioned wooden made baby walkers are stronger than the newly modeled plastic made walkers. They think the old ones are more secure for their baby child, which will not breakdown so easily. Some other parents consider the old fashioned walkers not only as a walker but also as a baby toy that can be used throughout the preschool stage of the baby. But in my sense, the key reason that I find for them to choose the old schooled walkers is that it helps them to recall their childhood memories. No human has ever born who doesn’t like to be mesmerized by their own childhood memories. So, they also want their babies to have a sweet and joyous childhood as they had in their time.


Let’s Come To The Point

I, now, will write reviews about some old fashioned baby walkers for new parents who are conscious about their babies and planning to buy one for their little angel. My reviews will follow some ground rules what will help you to choose the best. I will show you the best and special features which would include the construction and the material used in producing the walker. Then we will discuss the pros and cons of the available baby walker found in the market. The performance and innovative design and construction will also be added to the discussion. Parents’ thoughts on the old fashioned baby walker or their opinion after using one will also be added for the new parents. This is not only a review, but I also hope this will be a proper guide for them. Here are some details about old fashioned baby walkers:

Baby Walker by the Original Toy Company

The Original Toy Company Baby Walker is the old fashioned wooden baby walker that comes in different colors. Mr. Kevin and Mr. Susan McGrath are the sole owners of this awesome baby walker producing company. The Original Toy Company is the brainchild of these two talented persons who cherished to design and manufacture toys for little children that meet all the demands for both babies and parents. It is safe, fun, and inspiring for the child to learn things easily. This is an award-winning company for its innovative design, safety, durability, learning potential, and value for money.

When your kid is taking its first footstep, it needs a friend to be with it. The Original Toy Company presents the old fashioned baby walker that is a kind of push wagon that has some other nice features that help your child to learn walking and enjoy their playing time.

Special Specifications

Some of the special features of the baby walker from the original toy company are given below-

  • Handle height is adjustable
  • Push type wagon walker
  • Around 20-inch handle height
  • It comes in different colors.
  • Wheels are coated with steel and rubber
  • Found all over the world
  • Constructed with care and strength

This cute little sturdy push-along wagon appears to be one of the most helpful walkers for a baby. The baby walker is made of wood and metal that means the construction of the body is done with care concerning the safety issues for babies. The Wheel is coated with a rubber pad that makes it safer. Children can keep their toys and other stuff in the wagon as there is enough space for storing things. So after learning to walk, a baby can use it as a cart for its toys too. It is seen that they use the walker in a number of imaginative ways.


Positives and Negatives of this Baby Walker

There are different kinds of reviews regarding the performance of this original toy company baby walker. Most of the reviews are positive though there are some negative comments too. It is obvious as I think nothing in this world is 100 percent accurate. A company can never keep eyes on everything at a time starting from the design to performance. Here are some positives and negatives of the baby walker:


  • Sturdy construction
  • Hardwood is used with steel for the handle and axle
  • Doesn’t tip easily
  • Controlled use of speed
  • Rubber coated wheels
  • Long-lasting
  • Bend handles add additional stability
  • Comes in different colors
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can also be used as a cart, fun game for toddlers beside using as a baby walker


  • The bottom is thin enough to break anytime
  • The bottom design is narrow

Unless this drawback of the design on the bottom, the baby walker that comes from the original toy company has no other dark sides. Parents planning to buy a baby walker their infant can come to the market and buy this one without giving a second thought.


Plan Toy Baby Walkers

The Play Toy Company is the manufacturers of the Plan Toy Baby Walker which is situated in Trang, Thailand. While designing, they keep the safety issue for the child in their mind. As a result, they design walkers with wooden materials that are sturdier than any other materials used in a baby walker. It is actually beneficial for both the environment and the children.

Key Features

The Plan Toy Baby Walker is quite heavy enough for a child to use &pull themselves up and take his or her first step while walking. This a mainly a wooden wagon walker that helps your child to walk more easily and smoothly. Some of the key features of the plan toy baby walker are given as here below:

  • Made from Thai organic, recycled rubberwood
  • Cares about the stability of the child
  • A Sustainable material
  • Available with 24 different colors and wood blocks for building.
  • Designed considering a wide range of ages. Starting from the age of 10 months up to 3 years old child can use it without giving a second thought.
  • The specially designed handle can be adjusted at any height.
  • Made in Thailand.
  • Hugely sold in some of the countries including the USA, UK, and others.

This Thai product is a long-lasting heavy-duty walker which not only serves better but also looks cute enough for your child. After the babies become familiar with the walker, they start using it as one of their favorite toys. Besides using it a walker they also use it as a ride for their dolls, toys, and other pet animals whenever they want to. At the very beginning, it is quite obvious that the baby is going to have some trouble and ruin some of your home décor pushing against the walker. But afterward, you will be amazed by seeing the innovations that your little angel will do while playing with the toy. It looks cute when they use it as the locomotive for their toys or as a garden lawnmower. It is suggested for the 10months to 3years old babies. But a 4 or 5 years old kid can also have some fun with his or her childhood walker while using it as a toy.

Merits and Demerits of the Plan Toy Baby Walker

If you think, this is the best of all the old fashioned baby walkers, then you are still in the dark. Of the topic lesson, there’s nothing in this world that has no dark sides. Now let’s get back to our analysis again. As I said earlier nothing is a hundred percent perfect, this Thai made Plan Toy Baby Walker has some demerits also. Here I am going, to sum up the merits and demerits both for you to choose the best one for your kid.


  • Quality materials used
  • Nonslip wheels
  • Constructed well considering the security of the child
  • The durability of the walker has always pleased every buyer
  • Knobs allow the user to slow down the walker when needed
  • Adjustable handle for different heights
  • Can also be used as a cart by the aged toddlers
  • Colored blocks are funny playthings for the infants
  • Eco-friendly


  • Turning the wagon as a beginner seems pretty hard
  • In a very few cases, the walker gets tipped over.


When you overlook the demerits, the plan toy baby walker is one of the most flexible baby walkers for your child. There is no other reason for the new parents to dislike it. Now it is your decision whether you are going to have it or not.



The Hape Wonder Baby Walker

The Hape Toy Company has produced the Hape Wonder Baby Walker for the kids who are going to learn walking in near distances. They are solely dedicated to designing and producing such innovative and harmless toys with sustainable materials. This company has been producing such an interesting old fashioned baby walker for years and supplying it to over 50 countries all over the world and this is how they are helping the children who are growing fast and learning to walk.

The Hape Wonder Baby Walker is one of the old fashioned baby walkers that comes in various colors. It is not only a walker but also a kind of store for the kids where their favorite toys can be kept. When they are not in the mood to walk, then they can play with the toys they kept in the space. Children use it in a more innovative way even like a garden lawnmower and what not? The construction of the walker is strong enough. It can give support for the kids up to the age of 3 or less. Babies just don’t walk with the help of it, they become amused and develop their innovative motor skills.

Some of the special features of the Hape Wonder Baby Walker

The Hape Wonder Baby Walker is special for its construction material and other stuff. Some of the special features are given below:

  • Comes with space for your child to put dolls, stuffed animals or other toys
  • Rubber trimmed set back wheels to help protect your floors
  • Moveable knobs, balls, and gears to help to develop excellent motor skills
  • Colorful, that amuses the child most
  • Solid wood construction with some plastic beads and gears
  • Nontoxic finish
  • Best for ages 1-3
  • Sold in some countries outside the United States

This adorable and cute colorful little walker for your baby is surely a nice piece to keep in your house. It not only helps your child, but it also enhances the beauty of its colorful design. This walker can also be used by a toddler. It can engage your child for quite a long time when you are busy enough to look after him or her. You surely can trust on the walker and go to your job. It helps the child is walking, and not to mention the special construction influences the child to be innovative in use and develop excellent motor skills that can help him or her in the near future. There is storage in front of the walker that helps the kid to carry his or her toys and other stuffs with him or her all the time.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Hape Wonder Walker

There are some advantages and disadvantages of the Hape Wonder Walker. Those are given below:


  • Easy to assemble
  • Well built
  • Extremely stable
  • Doesn’t tip easily
  • Long durability
  • Rubber pad on the wheel keeps the control of speed
  • It can be used by the kids of up to age three.


  • The knobs and gears are made of plastic
  • Sometimes doesn’t move smoothly
  • Space is small

There are no bad recommendations so far for the Hape Wonder Baby Walker. But parents expect their children to be safe always. So they are concerned about the plastic made knobs, gears, and balls that can harm the child if broken. The child can get cut and bleed if the plastic is broken. The expectation from the parents is the plastic parts of the baby walker should be replaced and made of wood instead. Except for this problem, there are no other complaints against it.


Haba Wagon Baby Walker

Haba Wagon Baby Walker
The Haba Toy Company is the producer of the Haba Wagon Walker. This toy company was founded in the lands of Germany around 70 years ago. Starting from then, until now they are producing the toys and baby walkers for the babies with care and love.

The Haba Walker Wagon is a colorful and old fashioned walker that is constructed considering the assisting ability for a baby who cannot walk. When babies are about to walk, he or she always finds something to hold on and walk. Parents cannot always be with him or her as this is the third world and everyone is so busy with their jobs and other stuff. So, there is always an alternative for them and in this case, the helping tool is the Haba Wagon Walker. The Haba Toy Company has produced wooden toys that have inspired the children to broaden up their imagination and help to produce an effective generation throughout the growing years. If you have a look at the toys they make, you will surely understand why they are so special.

The Haba Wagon Walker is one of the most old-fashioned baby walkers that helps your children to learn walking fast with confidence. It is a good tool for toddlers who are always in need of a playing medium. When the baby is walking all on his own, then the tool can be used as a toy. Most of the toddlers use this walker as a toddle for their later gaming.

Special Features

Some other major features that will help you find out the best walker for your baby are here as follows:

  • Strongly constructed handle for the babies to hold
  • Adaptable breaks to keep things slowing down at the beginning of their walking journey
  • Rubber tires with wooden rims
  • There is a seat in the front side of the baby walker
  • Small storage in front of the walker which allows the baby to keep his or her favorite toys
  • Made in Germany

So far, whoever bought this baby walker is satisfied with its performance. This walking toy regarded as one of the best friends of a child. There is a seat in front of the walker. There is a blank space that makes it more effective for a child to take his or her favorite toy when he goes for a walk. Rather, after getting a bit aged, the walker can also be used as a cart or a space for storing your babies favorite toys.

Pros and Cons of the Haba Wagon Walker

Haba Wagon Walker is no special than anything in the world. There are some drawbacks that pulls it down a bit, but that thing never affected its market. Here is my review of the walker:


  • Easy to handle
  • Excellent material used
  • Sturdy construction
  • Adjustable brakes to control the speed
  • Doesn’t tip over when the child pulls it
  • Can be used for years
  • Toddlers can also play with the walker for the long term
  • Though it has some age restrictions, later on, can be used as a cart or storage for toys


  • The presence of too many screws increases the chance looseness
  • Gets heavier if some toys are carried

Moreover, a study showed so far the parents find it dangerous because they have explored their children’s pants caught up in the wheels at times. It is quite a matter to be worried of the infant cannot even understand what is going on while the wheel can do so damage to it. Other than this problem, no other complaints are found against the walker so far.

Regarding all these pros and cons, we can tell that the Haba Toy Company has produced an effective baby walker which meets both the demands of being old fashioned and long-lasting. Any parents can decide to have this lovable toy for their baby.




There are several old fashioned baby walkers still found in the shopping malls. But not every baby walker can ensure you the safety for your kid, what should be the first concern for you. Many of them are made of toxic materials that are not even safe for adults, obviously not for the babies too. Some of them are poorly constructed what means the durability is too short and some are monotonous. Regarding all the reviews gave above any parent can choose the best old fashioned baby walker for their child what will help the kid and inspire in quick learning. Take your time, analyze properly, and act wisely. If you can combine all three of these properly, you will surely be the winner. You will obviously find the best baby walker for your lovely cute little baby. May your baby learn to walk so fast and have fun using the walker and be safe all the time. With the advancement of technology, purchasing your lovable products has become a piece of cake. You can even order your favorite baby walker only by sitting on your couch with no extra hassle. Yes! There are several market places available from where you can secure your happy purchase. Stay safe. Cheers!!

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