Why use Nest Learning Thermostat and how to install it

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nest learning thermostat


Hey, are you wondering how to manage your money on heating and cooling bills?

Well, that was my problem too.

Don’t worry dear reader.

Here I will share with you something amazing that can be your money saver friend.

The Nest Learning Thermostat.

Google says, using this technology American people can decrease their money spending on heating bills (10-12%) and cooling bills (15%) as well.

Most of the people are setting up this technology at their home and workplace.

You must be glad to know that it won’t take money from you.

In this article, we will discuss almost everything that you should know about nest learning thermostat.

What is Nest Learning Thermostat?

Nest learning thermostat is a smart heating control system.

It is an electronic machine that can operate automatically and optimize also the temperature of your place where you set it up.

Please bear in mind that, you must need an internet connection with the Wi-Fi system to run it properly.

As it is a programmable machine, so it can also work for you according to your selected schedules.

Nest thermostat technical specifications: For simplicity, lets break-in into two sections:

Hardware Function &

Software Function.

Now we’ll discuss both of these functions respectively.


Hardware Function: 

Nest thermostat technology is adjustable with most of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Setting the nest thermostat, it can control your heating and air conditioning systems very well.

Do you know how nest learning thermostat is compiled?

It consists of two primary parts of hardware. They are:


  1. The display contains (Printed circuit board and rotating ring).


  1. Connection terminals (bubble level with holes for wall anchors).


Though these functions are separated but unable to work independently; the display part cannot be activated until both functions are connected to the base.

Please bear in mind that you can operate a Nest thermostat without a battery.

So, you must get the right battery for it and connect it to the internet through the Wi-Fi function.

Then directly connect it to the heat terminal that supplies 12v DC.

USB function is available with this device. So, you can easily connect it to operate.


Software Function:

Nest learning thermostat compiled of an operating system.

When you click or spin off its control wheel, this operating system instantly starts getting interaction.

It’s designed with different options such as heating to cooling, saving energy history and schedule.

Moreover, it has an accessible device setting so you can control it easily without touching this device.

Nest learning thermostat’s operating system based on Linux 2.6.37 but also as well as it has other software to use.

Do you know how to install your nest thermostat?

Well, don’t panic.

In most cases, it is simple to install as an old thermostat at your living house or your workplace.

Old thermostat required a big space to install off the wall as well as we spent more time patching up holes but the new thermostat is not like that.

The new thermostat looks like a tiny baseplate with an effective Wi-Fi feature; so it won’t take up a lot of space for you.

If you have minimum knowledge of DIY projects and have confidence that you can install a nest thermostat.

Firstly, remove your old thermostat if you already have one.

Check out proper wires and terminals’ connection of your old thermostat.

Insert that wires into the matching terminals as you have done previously for the old thermostat.

Above all, the whole process is just as same as you have done for your old thermostat.

What if you are unable to install properly?

Well, in this case, you should hire someone good at HVAC.

Once you have done with the installation of thermostat can access all of these functions.

If you are a new user, please note that you have to visit at home.nest.com site and log in to your nest account.

You can also access it if you have a smartphone.


Configuration of Nest Learning Thermostat:

After installation, your nest thermostat machine will start working and keep track when people come and go in your house.

It can learn quickly and you don’t even need to think about setting up the program.

Within a week, the nest would be able to know what time to turn the heat as well as what temperature it needs to keep during the day.

You can also configure it manually according to your own choice.


Top Reasons to install Nest Learning Thermostat: 

Nest thermostat might look simple but it has amazing advanced features that you’ll love to use.

. Let’s explore one by one.


The Nest Has Auto-Away Function:

The nest has an auto-away function that provides adjustment of your heating and cooling needs depending on whether you are at your home or not.

When you’ll be out of your home, it will dial back the thermostat on your behalf.


Thermostat Auto-Schedule Feature: 

Do you know why people love to use the nest thermostat?

The answer is it has an auto-schedule feature.

For example, if you turn it down, the nest will stop tracking your activities. But my recommendation is, you shouldn’t do it unless you must turn it off.

Nest Includes Time to Temp:

The nest would be ready to operate and learn your home when you turn it on.

Based on internal and external temperatures, the nest will begin to construct an algorithm, control heating and cooling systems of your home to determine how long it takes to cool and heat your home.

You can also do it manually. For example, choose to spin the dial from 60F to 70F, it will tell you that it should take around 4 hours to make this adjustment.

Thermostat activates early before you:

The nest learning thermostat is environmentally friendly. Therefore, it knows when to start working to get the right temperature.

For example, you get up from bed at 5 AM and go out for work and you want to have around 65F at that time.

It would automatically learn when it should start working to give the proper adjustment of your home temperature according to your interest.


Nest Thermostat Cool to Dry Option:

Hope you know that running AC is much expensive and it takes many bucks per month from your pocket. Isn’t it?

It’s also true that AC is deleterious for our green environment as well as for our skin and so on.

That’s why people love to accept the blessing of the nest thermostat.

Using the nest, it will help you so that you can get the cold environment at your home whenever you want.

The Nest Save Your Money & Energy:

The nest builds with Eco temperature function.

According to Google, people who use the nest thermostat technology can save around $140 on average per year.

Please don’t think it’s a tiny amount of money.

If you have this money and keep it in your savings account, it would be a big amount of money after 10-15 years.

So remember dear that nothing is tiny.

Thermostat Can Lights up Automatically:

The nest thermostat has an automatic lighting option.

For example, if you walk in the room, the nest will be able to learn you and will light up to show you the temperature.

Though the display area looks simple it’s large and bright that you’ll love it.

The Nest Leaf:

The leaf is another feature of the nest and similar to the time to temp feature.

Using this feature so you can make money-saving choices.

In every nest, you will see a leaf option and it is the symbol of an environmentally friendly choice to save your pocket.

It will show you two types of light.

The green leaf means you have an adequate amount of fuel or money while dim leaf shows when you have a lack of savings on money/fuel.

The Nest Thermostat Airwave: 

Trust me it’s one of the cool features of the nest learning thermostat.

These features control the cooling system of your house.

For example, it automatically shut down the air condition machine a few minutes early except the fan.

Thus, the air gets cool and your AC will run more than 30% less.


Adjust your thermostat remotely:

If you have kids that come back home earlier than your arrival time, this feature can be much convenient for you.

You can adjust your nest learning thermostat from your home when you are not at your home.

You can also change the temperature remotely from anywhere.

Thermostat gives Energy Reports:

The nest thermostat has an Energy history feature. It will provide you regular energy reports.

You will also receive a report on energy reports every month.

With this feature, you can get a clear idea of how much energy you’re spending per month.


The nest has beautiful color options:

You can get four beautiful color options if you get the 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat.

These are stainless steel, copper, white and black colors.


Thermostat Promotes Safety:

The nest thermostat has a safety feature.

For example, if it gets a malfunction issue or low temperature that needed will notify you on your phone.

If you are a smoker, you can also connect your smoke to the nest with CO alarms.

When the smoke alarm goes off, the nest will shut down.

The CO will create sounds when the nest thermostat goes off the heating system.


The nest offers smart home:

The nest has many other digital software combinations.

It can work with locks, lights as well as other products.

For example, Google Home.

Nesting technology can work with many automation systems and apps, including:

Rachio, Peeble, Life360, SNUPI Technologies, etc.


The Nest Connectivity:

The nest thermostat has an amazing connectivity feature.

Having no complication, you can simply connect it to your Wi-Fi network as well as heating and cooling systems at your home.


Nest Thermostat Availability:

The Nest thermostat is available in the market to purchase if you are from the United States, Canada, Belgium, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Austria, Ireland, Spain, and Italy.

Don’t worry if you are living outside of my mentioned countries.

There are many online buying platforms like Amazon, Walmart, etc. where you visit and buy from these sites.

If you live outside of the US and Canada, you should disable the Wi-Fi function to set the time correctly.

After you solve this issue, can set it up properly as I gave you instruction earlier.


Know why you should schedule the Nest Pro Installation:

Well, we have discussed that the nest learning thermostat is easier to install with DIY projects. 

It is quite complicated and might be dangerous for you if you have no proper knowledge of it.

To install a nest thermostat, you have to deal with high voltage cables.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to you that you set a scheduled installation of your nest from a Certified Nest Pro.


Final Recommendation:

The Nest thermostat is very popular among people from different countries; especially in the US and Canada.

It has powerful controls, amazing temperature sensors, connectivity with artificial intelligence hallmark features.

Therefore, it is highly recommended for you to try the nest learning thermostat to get the real taste of a smart lifestyle and so on.

In this article, we have discussed almost everything that you should know about the nest thermostat.

If I miss anything to describe and you notice it with your brilliant mind, please notify me in the comment box.

My question is to you, what do you feel now after reading this article?

I hope you will answer my question in the comment box.

Please share this post with others you know who loves technology.

Stay tuned for my next article.

Enjoy your day!

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