How to use the curling iron for very short hair? – Just only simply way.

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curling iron for very short hair

 It’s true, shiny, flawless and bouncy short hair curls is pretty good then the long hair cut even easier to style as well as maintain. Various styled can be maintained just between a few moments. Using best curling iron gorgeous- looking curls can be your daily styled if you want this. Most women feel it’s hard to take but if you better know how to Curl Short Hair then you have not to take the challenge even you may not waste more time. Considering all age of woman we have tried to focus curling process with simple way.  Before starting curl just noticed that you have the best quality curling iron, Moisturizing cream or gel, Hair protector even pick and Root booster that’s all.


How to use the curling iron

How to use the curling iron


  • Clean your hair then dry it entirely:

Wet hair is not suitable for starting curl and avoid it. First in need of clean your hair with a conditioning-shampoo and then dry your hair with a blow-dryer.  Wet or dame’s hair is enemy for curl even it can damage your lovely hair totally. By all means, dry your dame hair at low heat setting and of course mind, it doesn’t overheat hair dryer. It can ruin your hair so be careful.



  • Remove the tangles from hair with the brush:

After cleaning hair its ideal brush-out any tangles from hair. For starting curl tangles make obstacle so it’s best if you start from the hair roots towards the hair-ends. Brush out until your hair becomes free of tangles in order so you can easily pass comb. Tangles free hair is suitable for curl.



  • For safety just use heat protection spray into your hair:

Heat –protection spray is most important for safe your hair even it can protect your hair from further damage. Don’t start curl without using heat –protection spray basically this specific spray protects your hair from high-temperatures. High –temperatures make your hair too much dry even next time it will damage your hair. So must use heat protection spray before applying curl.


  • By the right setting Heat-up your curling-iron:


Right heating settling is the crucial part for curl if you do wrong then you will suffer. That means damaged hair is caused by high temperatures. For the best result heat-up perfect heat setting and protect your shiny hair from various heating setting. Many experts said 320ºF (160ºC) is suitable for fine-hair even 430ºF (220ºC) is suitable for thicker-hair. Hence, carefully heat up your curling iron.


  • Divide into two sections of your hair:

For very short hair divide into two sections of your hair is ideal for curl and it makes you easy for thoroughly curl. While the final moment comes for style your hair with the curling iron just divide your hair into two parts. Then start curl entirely your hair with the best quality curling iron for short hair and of course, start from hair roots towards the end of the hair.  Finally confirmed that all parts of hair had curled.


  • Set iron for a few seconds on your hair:

Wrapped up with the curling iron for 10 seconds on your hair and just wait and see the result. Identically do it whole hair consciously and for the best result set low heating temperatures it could be protected your hair damage. if you set high temperature-level iron finally you might be lost your hair.


  • confirmed that entire head of hair is completed doing curl:


Early we said part your hair into two section for easy curl. When the first part of hair completed curl then need 2nd part hair start to curl properly in order to get the perfect result. And confirmed that you wrap all the part of hair with the curling iron according to the same process. Finish your curls process hair roots line to hair -end line.



  • Loosen-up your curls:

If you prefer loss even soft curly hair just run your fingers around the whole hair even it takes a few times. After that, this process loosens up your curls even can get an amazing look. Mind it never brushes up your hair with the combo just do it only finger otherwise it might fall –out of your hair.



  • Final presentation:

Now your hair is ready for final presentation. For good looking set your curls with hairspray it helps your hair falling out remove. But it will not ideal if your apply hairspray while still wrapped around the iron this wrong process totally damage your beautiful hair. Heating curling iron and hairspray combination of those will make your hair roast.



Curling iron Tips: 

  • For better result previously starting curls let the curl cool down.
  • For very short hair Use a small-barreled quality curling iron which helps you hold the curls in longer.
  • Part your hair into 2 section then first start one part and then start next part hair.
  • Early starting curls set right heat setting it will protect your hair for damage. Lower heat setting is suitable for the best result.
  • Know the guidelines to achieve the best result how to curls hair to hair expert or dearest friends.
  • Take precaution. Curl your hair in the right away from your face on either side don’t touch your face with the heating iron.
  • For perfect curling hair or better performance with the iron just dry your hair according to the curls you desired.
  • Don’t run a heating iron under cold water if you seem iron needs cool then you are wrong. Don’t do this it can damage your


Curling your hair can be hard but if you follow the right way even right process it not will be challenged.   You never will be mastered about this matter.  Especially for very short hair if you decide to do it just follow accurate guidelines on how to use the curling iron for very short hair. In hopes of if you follow this rules, you may get flawless shiny hair looks.











  • May 17, 2020
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