How to Use Curling Iron for Short Hair

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How to Use Curling Iron for Short Hair

It’s true that most people love traditional long and thicker hair. It’s also easy for changing hairstyle frequently as you want. But girls know the difficulties of maintaining long hair.

Maintaining long hair in the summer season! It’s so much disappointing. Not only that, women’s who go to work daily, it’s also tricky for that. Short hair is the best option for them.

Your presence in this page proves that you have short hair, but you are not satisfied with your hairstyle. Yeah, the main problem with short hair is the hairstyle. While you can try all types of hairstyle with long hair, it’s not possible with short hair.



Curling Iron for Short Hair


Don’t worry. It doesn’t mean that you can’t change your hairstyle with short hair as you want. Here are many options for styling your short hair with a new traditional look and makes it fashionable. You just need the best Curling Iron for Short Hair.

But from various types of curling irons, it’s difficult to choose the best curling iron for your short hair. That’s not the end. Besides selecting the best one, you have to know how to use it. You can’t curl your hair with big waves if your hair is short. So, you need to learn how to use Curling Iron for Short Hair.



How to Curl Short Hair Using Curling Iron


If you want to curl your short hair to change your hairstyle, then here is a guideline that can help you to do it correctly.


Choosing the Best Curling Iron for Short Hair

For perfect curl, you need the ideal Curling Iron for Short Hair. So, at first, brought a perfect curling iron to style your hair. And therefore, you need to know the barrel size which suits most with short hair.

Usually, curling iron barrels come with a thickness between ¼ -inch to 2 -inch. Thicker barrels are for long waves and thinner barrels for short waves. So, you can understand that you have to choose one with a small barrel thickness.

You can choose a curling iron with a 1-inch barrel. Basically, a curling iron with a barrel between ¼ -inch to 1 ¼ -inch thickness should be the ideal one for short hair.


Need Natural Hair

Ok. Let’s go with your hair. Maybe you just come home, or you styled your hair with heat just before few days! Whatever is this, you need hair in a complete natural state before using the curling iron. Unwashed hair requires more effort to style.

Clean and fresh natural hair without any dirt, oil, and other heated treatment is the best condition for perfect curl. So, just wash your hair with shampoo and conditioned it. Leaves prime cleanses herbal shampoo and conditioner will be the best option.

Now wrap your hair with a clean towel and dry it. You will get a quite damp hair to set curls properly.


Heat Protection

Wait for 5 to 6 hours. You can even sleep after wash your hair to get perfect natural hair for curl.

But if you want a quick process to save time, then you must go into a heating treatment. Just coat your hair with a thermal protectant. The best option for thermal coating without hair damage is using heat spray.


Blow Dry Your Hair

Use a dryer with multi-temperature settings and blows it over your hair until it becomes 90% dry. That means, it will look dry but feels wet slightly when you run your hand on them.


Separate Hair into Sections

Yeah, for more waves, it is better to separate your hair into 6 sections. But, you can ignore it if your hair is short. You will be amazed to see how quickly you can get perfect waves when you separate it into sections.

You can use to get the help of a comb to separate your hair into some layers and take a few large clips to secure the sections. For short hair, you can make a bottom and a top coat. Just let a lair in the top of the head to ignore it from disturbing when works with another.


Start with Curling Iron

You’re just finished sectioning your hair. Now, take your curling iron in hand. Keep your face away from the iron and hair and make your skin safe from the heat.


Wrap Hair Around the Iron

Now take an ample portion of hair from the section and wrap it around the barrel of the curling iron. Left at least ½ inch of hair at end uncurled if you want to style your hair look like sticking out of your head. It will give a natural finish to the curl and leaves your hair quite long.

Now, put the iron around 5 to 10 seconds on the hair for getting perfect curl depending on how tighter curl you want. Five seconds is enough for loose waves. But for strong waves, you can keep it highest 10 seconds. Don’t try it for a long time, it can burn your hair.

To get more prominent curl, use wider section of hair. As well as, for small curl, take a narrow section. The curl must be rolled away from your face towards back to the head. Please don’t forget that your hair will look shorter when you curl it. So, don’t be upset about that.


Set the Curl

After completing each wave, you have to set it to change the shape as you want. Ensure it before it becomes cool entirely. When you would finish defining the shape with your finger, just give a puff of hairspray on it for perfect shape in the right place. A medium-hold hairspray will be best for loose and relaxed waves.

Now, repeat this process for the complete section, and then for all sections.


Final Touch

If you’ve completed the curling process for all of your hair, maybe you’re at the end of the process. Don’t worry with ringlet look of your curl. It’s common with short hair.

Just use your hair to separate each curl from another to avoid ringlet look. And at the end, spritz few puffs of hairspray.



Final Verdict


In our busy days and hot weather, it’s difficult to keep long hair. Most of the women are cutting their hair in these days.

If you’re someone like that, maybe you’re facing troubles in styling your hair. Just curl your hair easily in this process and get some natural waves to look perfect in every situation.


  • May 21, 2020
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