How Does a Hair Dryer Work?

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How Does a Hair Dryer Work

Have you ever been thinking what are the elements inside a hairdryer that blows your hair through hot air without burning your scalp?  It happened to me recently when I was drying my hair. Keep reading to find out how does a hair dryer work.

Principle parts of hair dryer:

You can get a hairdryer machine with many designs and colors but the core function of the hairdryer has hardly changed. Basically, they rely on a couple of parts:

  •         A simple motor driving fan
  •         A heating element

Using a hairdryer machine is very convenient and it can help you to get beautiful hair within a very short time. There are many steps to using the hairdryer. So, let’s break it down step by step to make it easier for you to understand.


you need to plug the cable into the electricity to make it activate to use. Please bear in mind that you should make sure your hairdryer is in good condition as well as no problem with it. Afterward, you should check your hands carefully and the cable also whether they are wet or not to avoid any unexpected incident. Kindly be noted that you should not use the folded cable which may damage your hair dryer easily and it does not work well. That’s why I recommend you make sure that cable in the right way before start using the hairdryer. This step won’t take more than 1 minute to do so.

At the second step

just press the left button of your hairdryer machine to produce a hotter temperature or get the average temperature. Please note that, give your hair a vitamin before you apply this step to protect your hair. After being given nutrients to your hair, you should blow your hair from the inside. While moving the hairdryer devices around your hair, you should comb your hair with another hand. Usually, it takes around 10 minutes. Before you go for the next step, make sure it dried entirely.

Thirdly, unplug the cable and wait for some time until the heat from your using the hair dryer’s device is gone. After that, keep it in its place and go for your hair. Now you can comb your hair with a flat iron, curling iron or anything else as you want. This third step around takes 5 minutes and now you are ready to apply any style to your hair according to your choice.

Sounds pretty simple right? If you try more expensive hairdryers, you can experience better heating element features like with no complications. This function generates heat and also design with better motor-driving fans which are capable to push more air through the heating element that makes it more powerful. There are adjustable heating options to change the speed of the motorized fan according to the user’s demand.

Other Parts:

Well, as I mentioned earlier that hairdryer machine mainly runs on two main sections but there are other segments that are also significant to operate it safely. If you take a look at the front grill, you can see there is a barrel so that kids cannot put their fingers inside of it to get injured from the heating element. Moreover, it includes a thermal fuse as a safety feature with the barrel part that lined inside with the insulation. This feature is able to cut the hairdryer off if it malfunctions. Interestingly, it has wire screens to prevent anything else from being sucked in. 


Final Prescription:

Though using a hairdryer machine is easier to operate and practical but I won’t prescribe you to use it very frequently. Because, if you use it pretty often can damage the layers of your hair. Therefore, my advice to you to make sure that you give proper vitamin to your hair to avoid the damage. If you are want to have beautiful hair, please do not forget to keep them healthy and make sure you clean them regularly.




  • August 4, 2020
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