10 Best Women’s Shoes For Walking On Concrete in 2021

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best women's shoes for walking on concrete


Do you feel uncomfortable while you are walking on concrete or any hard surface? Let me tell you one thing that’s because of your shoes, nothing else! on that issue, it’s time to change your shoes with the best one that will benefit you the most.


It’s crucial to have an easy walk whenever you’re walking or standing for long hours. Perhaps, in this modern era, women have been involved equally in all professions like teaching, nursing, factory supervisor, coach, and many others. As a result, they have to stand or visit for a long time.


So if you are one of them, you should definitely invest in the right pair of footwear that can let you stand, walk, run or work throughout the day. Otherwise, your performance at work will be getting worse day by day. And finally, it may finish with the pain on the feet, joints, and lower



Or, if you go on a trip,  you also need the best shoes; that can support you all of your climbing or riding. Now you are thinking about how to pick the right footwear for you, right?


Don’t be worry! 


To help you out with this problem, I’m here with the best women’s shoes for walking on concrete all day long to help you with this problem. In this review, I assure you will get the desire solution. So keep going to the end.



Why do you need the best shoe for walking on concrete? 


Wearing proper walking shoes means you ensure the correct walking technique that prevents you from a severe accident. Shoes are like tools, so they should be right as the wrong tools are not fit for meeting our requirements. Moreover, without the right shoes, you don’t get a good walk.


As I mentioned above, if you are doing a job or business, then you have to go out and walk on a hard surface for long hours. Even if you are an athlete or doing exercise, then you have to aware of what you are wearing. As walking or working on the hard surface is responsible for a hefty toll on your feet, especially if you do it regularly then it causes a lot of joints and muscle injury. To keep away from these hazards selecting the right shoes for your foot type for the hard surface is the basic concept.


On top of that, every step that your foot makes in the act of walking affects your other parts of your body. If your shoes don’t have sufficient support for your heels and arch problem, then your feet can’t function properly. So that you are suffering from pain in the heels, knees, hips, ankles, and lower back. As a result, suffering these problems for a long time can hamper your usual way of leading. 


Simply, no one can walk long distances with discomfort and pain. If you don’t feel flexible and comfortable while walking on concrete, in that case, you get hurt on your foot so that you can’t stand on the surface and also can’t pay attention to your responsibilities. Sometimes uncomfortable walk can cause a headache that makes you weaker to do any task properly. 


Whereas, right footwear provides you comfortable and flexible walk on the rigid path. Even these give your body an excellent posture that you feel confident while walking on your working site.


Also, the best shoes come with an outsole that can absorb the shock while you are walking. And these are well cushioned to provides better support to walk on concrete all day long. 


10 best Shoes For Walking / Standing On Concrete All Day


  • Brooks Women’s Adrenaline Gts 19 Running Shoes


Well, if you are looking for industry-leading support, then this would be an excellent option for you. 


It is one of the top-rated shoes from brooks that loved by the runner. It is made for providing the right support to manage overall operational purposes like exercise, training, jogging, tracking, or even for office work. By the way, the model also has the male version, which is the best men’s shoes for walking on concrete.  


Farther, what we love about this product has super soft cushioning to offer comfy and stability. The cushioned has featured a combination of BioMoGo DNA and loft DNA that work in synergy to absorb your impact for a soft landing and steady push-off. Their soft and lighter cushioned layer offers you to feel float through your walk and run in every day.


In addition, the footwear midsole has a Guide Rails support system that helps your hips, knees, and joints to move within their own motion path during your walk or run and restrict the traditional posts. Another thing you felt soft to touch because biodegradable BioMoGo DNA is nicely complemented the Guide Rails.


Else, for maximum flexibility and lightweight, it has featured with 3d fit print to the upper of the shoes. That’s why you can walk or stand for long hours without having felt any uncomfortable. 


In a nutshell, if you are a runner who is looking for the best shoes for walking on concrete that offer the utmost comfort with the breathable heel, then brooks Women’s Adrenaline Gts 19 will be worth investing in. 


Features that come with


  • Having asymmetrical 3D fit print mesh for an amazing blend of stretch and structure.
  • Revamped with Guide Rails for ensuring the stability and holistic support
  • Comes with the perfect blend of cushioning
  • Including the combo of BioMoGo DNA and loft DNA for responsive durability
  • Low heel for comfy walking
  • Consist of crash pads underfoot for a smooth transition




  • High-quality product
  • Good for pronation and arch support
  • Water-resistant and dried fast
  • Provide comfortable walk on concrete 
  • Offer sturdy walk
  • Trainers fit perfectly




  • Design is normal
  • Some may face general fitting issues


  1. Under Armour Women’s Micro G Pursuit Running Shoe


Next up, let’s have a look at this pick by Under Armor. This snicker has almost everything that runners or working women must want in their footwear. It is well known for applying brand technology to offer excellent padding for a good fit and feel at an affordable price. 


The shoes have designed with lightweight mesh on the upper for providing perfect breathability. 

It comes with a die-cut EVA sock liner’s technology to offering extended arch support that will keep away from any foot pain.


This pair of shoes are built with 100% synthetic material to built durability with reliability. It has a rubber sole to make sure easy to move with the comfort of any walk on the concrete or hard surface. 


Further, the sole is nicely equipped with one-piece Micro G foam to makes up the midsole for delivering ultimate cushioning and minimize the shock upon impact. The cushioning is not much or less but has enough for running on concrete. And its low heel drop makes your ride neutral. 


The tire-inspired outsole pattern makes sure the ultimate flex and superior traction both on indoor and outdoor surfaces. Else, you can feel comfortable as it has foam padding for enclosing the ankle collar and under the tongue. 


Overall, if you’re finding a pair of shoes for the gym and short-run on a reasonable budget, then I recommend the Under Armour Women’s Micro G Pursuit would be the good one.


Features that come with


  • Made with the rubber sole
  • Featured with the one-piece micro G foam
  • Having lightweight mesh on the upper
  • Equipped with die-cut EVA sock liner including high rebound
  • Sole is tire inspired outsole pattern




  • Budget-friendly
  • Good arc support
  • Perfect for lifting 
  • Great for running
  • Breathability



  • Instead of black, most probably the color is grey


  • Clarks Emslie Warren Women’s Mid Heeled Court Shoes


Here we have another fantastic piece of footwear from Clarks. This shoe is one of the most favourite pairs among the women who work in an office or factory with concrete floors. One more thing, if you want a stylish yet comfy-looking pair of shoes sturdy enough, then definitely it would be the smart pick.


Other than that, it comes with the heel to enhance more grace to your personality while working, and there is also the insole that holds an ortholite footbed with cushion soft technology making the shoes comfortable for long time wear.


It’s made with lather to make sure the shoe’s viability so that they can go for a long time with you. The sole is built with rubber to decrease the stress level while working for a prolonged time and enhancing your feet’ comfortability. Additionally, for comfortable wearing, it has 2 button trims with elastic, and you get good support from this.


So, this is the best shoe if you want to add efficiency with grace to your footwear!


Features that come with


  • Comes with a heel that height is 5.5 cm
  • Material built with the leather
  • Consisting an ortholite footbed for top-notch comfort
  • Sole is made up of rubber 
  • Has soft cushion
  • Having an elastic gore




  • Ensuring a high level of coverage
  • Perfectly fit
  • Good for working women
  • Highly comfortable




  • May slight narrow for wider feet


  • YHOON Women’s Walking Shoes – Sock Sneakers Slip 


This model is one of the top-notch walking footwear from the YHOON. It’s become the best shoes for standing on concrete because of its air-cushion sole. This pair is popular among all categories of women. It can go with all types of occasion, for example, nursing, walking, shopping, outdoor sports, long-standing, and so many.


Following that, the YHOON shock snickers come with breathable and lightweight air fly woven to make sure excellent comfort and flexibility while you’re walking or standing. Besides, it has updated unique fur-lined that you get both warmth and stylish look in cold weather.


It consists of an MD sole and soft air cushion that makes it strong and long-lasting. Once again, these features can provide the walker with a sufficient buffer among feet and ground. The shoes also come with a simple slip-on design that you can pull on and off without facing difficulties. 


Overall, these shoes are perfect if you want a snicker that can give you a casual look and excellent for walking on the concrete. 


Features that come with


  • Featuring with soft air-cushion sole
  • Equipped with MD sole 
  • It’s lightweight and flexible
  • Updated unique fur lined



  • Offers a wonderful design
  • Has unique fur line stuff
  • Offers open-air activities
  • Inexpensive 
  • 16-55 age women can wear this
  • Good for cold weather 




  • few clients found it warm in summer


  • KEEN Utility Women’s Flint Low Work Shoe

These picks are well known for their incredible looks as well as their performance. These boots from the KEEN Utility are one of the best shoes for working on concrete


Since KEEN Utility focuses on protecting your feet and keeping you comfortable, you can use it all day long. These are not heavy like typical work shoes, and this is perfect as a hiking shoe.


However, it featured the technology of asymmetrical steel toes for holding your right and left foot in the right position and protecting from the big toe to the little toe. Also, your toes breathe and spread out as it has a larger toe box. This asymmetrical technology enables the boots to move with you and minimize the pinch when the foot is hyper-flexed.


Besides, it has molded reinforcement to protect from the abrasion and mild impact that your toe remains safe from the unexpected. This pair is made of 100% leather and waterproof, which is ideal for wet conditions.


Its rubber sole offers excellent traction. It comes with the metatomical EVA footbed design for internal support for ensuring good arc support. Else, it featured to resistant enhance electric shock with lightweight steel-toe protection.


Well, if you have no problem spending much more to have a high-quality product, then this pair can be your companion in your work or hiking time. Also, this boot has outstanding protection for doing heavy-duty throughout the day.


Features that come with


  • It comes with the Torsional Stability Shank
  • Featuring asymmetrical steel toes
  • Having toe box for toes breath and spread out
  • Sole made with rubber 
  • Flexible midsole made with molded EVA
  • A snug fit is in the heel
  • Intuitive toe box 




  • Best for heavy-duty
  • Hiking friendly
  • True to size
  • Provide good arc support
  • Toes can breathe and spread out
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Ensure high quality
  • It’s lightweight 




  • Comparatively expensive


  • ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6 Running-Shoes

When it comes to buying sturdy walking shoes, ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6 can be a good option. These running shoes are based on the high-quality gel technology cushioning system, which provides maximum support to your feet. Once again, rearfoot and forefoot cushioning system engineered to absorb shock to prevent any impact to your joints and enhance your walking experience in different transitions.


However, it featured a removable shock liner which improves your foot to let you custom orthotics—this removable sock liner ensuring better stability and comfort at the same time for a relaxed walk. The shoes maintain breathability with the help of moisture management technology.


Its outsole featured the ASICS High Abrasion Rubber- so that you get enough support while the traction on all types of terrain. It also confirms the fantastic durability and supports to walk on concrete, rough or smooth surface. 


Apart from that, it offers you a decent look with a comfortable walk. What else? It comes in different colors to provides you the freedom to pick your favorite one. Due to all of these features and much more, these are counted as the best shoes for walking on concrete floors all day.


Finally, I would say this pair of shoes are best for hiking, tracking, running, and jogging. You can wear them to walk on rigid paths. 


Features that come with


  • Introducing with the rearfoot gel cushioning system 
  • It comes with a removable sock liner
  • Material is 100% synthetic
  • Has trail-specific outsole
  • Featured with the ASICS Abrasion Rubber



  • Highly shock absorbent
  • Provides uphill and downhill traction
  • Soft cushioning system
  • Durable outsole
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • True to size


  • Some are claims about the footbed


  • Crocs Women’s Neria Pro II Embellished Clog

If you want something different than the previous footwear that we reviewed in upper, then this pair of best shoes for walking on concrete floors all day is idle for you. It is one of the popular shoes among the nurse because of its not only the look but for the relaxed fit.


The Neria Pro is made to deliver a relaxed fit, and its clog shape offering you maximum space for your toes and feet. Their slip-resistant feature is perfect for wet conditions. These are 100% synthetic that can fully be molded and can be easily washed by using soap and water. Also, they are dry quickly.

Besides, Neria Pro is newly updated with diamante embellishments to make your appearance more sophisticated. Or you can only choose the shiny one!


These are reliable and comfortable that can offer you protection every step of the way and without compromising a closed shoe’s security. In another way, these crocks are featured to ready to make the rounds to ensure enough support and style. The bottom sole provides you with arch support. Their toe arias are enough thick construction to protect your feet from the slip that you can use as chef shoes or for industrial purposes. 


In summary, these shoes are the best supporter if you have a shift of more than 10 hours on the concrete. 


Features that come with


  • Upper layer designed with beaded diamante embellishment overlays
  • Dual cushioning for support
  • Thick construction to avoid slip
  • Having enclosed toes and heels
  • True to size
  • Material is 100% synthetic
  • Ensuring removable and washable footbed liner 





  • Secure your foot and toes
  • Best for the hospital shift
  • Much stable for comfortable 
  • Roomy fit with stable heels 
  • Stylish 
  • Slip-resistant outsole



  • Not so perfect for hiking 



  1. FANTURE Women’s Mesh Breathable Casual Sneakers


Do you feel monotonous to wear the formal type of walking shoe? Then you can go with these casual-looking sneakers that are the best women’s shoes for working on concrete. It is too lightweight to carry, which gives you to freedom to move as you want.


The FANTURE women’s- engineered with EVA material, is shock absorbent and super lightweight for making sure that you don’t have to feel any burden in every walk-off step. As a result, you get a comfortable and flexible walk from these sneakers.


Nonetheless, the cushiony insole is made from special and soft material, which is removable and ensuring you to replace orthotics insole. Also, this feature prevents your feet from feet fatigue by absorbing shock. Else, the bottom of the outsole is an anti-skid texture is for extra care and safety during walking.


Apart from these, this casual pair is made of 100% suede/ leather that comes with a lifetime warranty. The upper layer is featured with the mesh for providing breathability; that means your feet get enough air to keep it dry and keep away from the skin problem. As a result, you feel like healthy and flexible shoes are wearing.


These snicker clogs come with the design of a slip-on mule fashion for offers you a trendy look that could be considered as daily wear. 


Anyways, it doesn’t take any time to put on and off as it has a strapless design. One nice thing, it is designed to wear for all season which makes it more worthy! Even you can use them in office as well daily needs.


Features that come with


  • Introducing with the cushiony insole and anti-skid outsole
  • Including with the breathable mesh upper
  • Having super lightweight EVA material
  • Featured for the easy wear and tear
  • Designed with the stylish look
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty




  • Supportive on a sturdy path
  • Trendy design
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Super soft 




  • Some client claim that Feet get wet in heavy rain



  • Athlefit Women’s Lace Up Wedge Sneakers

Ladies, if you want a pair of shoes that has laced up nicely yet best for working on the concrete all day– indeed, Athlefit Women’s Hidden Wedge Sneakers are the smart one. These are not just beautiful, but they are also ensuring high quality in an affordable range. 


The first thing I must say, your eyes get stuck on its signature look! The upper layer is quilted in detail to give a fashionable look. Also, the shoes finished with the comfy upper and the lace portion offer you to fix the fit for your desire support. At the same time, you have a wide range of choices due to variations in color.


 Apart from these, it comes with 2.5 mid heels that help to give you the right posture. As a result, your legs look thin, along it enhance your confidence in every step.


Whether it’s summer or winter, you can wear these trendy sneakers whenever you want. These pairs are indeed suits with all types of dresses! And most importantly, these are perfect to meet your all need. For instance, you can use it for official work where you have to stand for long hours or go for a hangout to take them with you.


Besides, the insole is flawlessly cushioned to ensure your proper support when walking and protecting from foot pain by reducing the electric shock. The rubber sole is in the outer, making a grip uneven, protecting you from slipping while walking. Thus it is ensuring a flexible and comfortable walk with confidence.


In a nutshell, this pair of shoes is the ultimate pick for those who want to wear a fashionable pair that is preferable to wear while going on any occasion, like walking on a rigid surface.


Features that come with


  • Eye-catching design
  • Covering full-time wear with soft feature
  • Having 2.5 inches mid heels
  • Including with soft cushion layer
  • Consisting of the rubber sole
  • Adjustable lace-up and soft lining
  • Slip-resistant rubber sole



  • Great go-to snickers
  • Provide a smart look
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Durable
  • Warm your legs in cold weather



  • Some users found it wide and big


  • UMYOGO Women’s Running Shoes Non Slip

This is our last but not least option! The UMYOGO Women’s running shoes are highly recommended as outstanding and comfortable walking shoes on concrete. By the way, this brand is well known for offering the best men’s shoes for standing all day on concrete.


Back to the point, the UMYOGO running shoes are reliable and fit for a long time to use in almost every situation like gardening, fishing, walking, travel, ballet, folk dance, jazz, zumba, athletic, and so many.


Hence, it is equipped with a breathable mesh upper that allows the feet to breeze and remain cool so that you get maximum comfort and flexibility with long-lasting use. These also expand to fit, at the same time reduce the irritation when you are running. Once again, knit upper material is responsible for feet breathing while you are running. 


Else, its soft cushion technology makes your every step pain-free and flexible. The cushion layer minimizes the impact of the foot that happens due to running. The rubber sole offers you a good grip among the shoe and all kinds of surfaces. 


Nevertheless, these are getting dry faster, which makes them more user-friendly. They are come in several fantastic colors to offer you to select which one you admire most!


Lastly, if you want a shoe to ensure fatigue-free running on the path, then you can surely go for it!


Features that come with


  • Featured to wear for prolonging the time
  • Including the mesh upper 
  • It can be expanded due to knit material
  • Has protective cushion layer
  • Designed for standing work
  • It is durable




  • Slip-resistant
  • Deodorant
  • Can be used in all type surface
  • Lightweight 
  • Provide soft feelings
  • Easy to keep dry
  • True to size



  • May not have arch support


How to choose the best women’s shoes for walking on concrete?-Buying guide


Since you here, it means you most probably own the shoes or looking for something that can meet not only your needs but also your desire. 


But the fact is we often get confused with the feature as there are lots product that comes with a verity of option. So that, things can be more challenging for beginners who have never purchased working shoes. 


This section is about all the basic terms and labels regarding shoes to solve the matter. So then, it will easy for you to pick the one that suits your personality as well as needs.




This feature has to keep your mind as different shoes are made from different materials. Some may be made with leather, or some contain synthetic. Even some have come with the combination of leather and synthetic. Most of the brands use them for producing high-quality shoes for walking on concrete. If you want durable shoes with a classy product, then you can go with these materials.


On the contrary, some shoes are made of mesh and nylon. These allow the feet to breathe and keep away from the sweat so that you don’t feel any irritation and don’t get any skin hazard. Plus, these are less expensive than leather and synthetic. So if you want proper ventilation with soft feelings, then mesh and nylon is the better option for you.




Don’t forget to notice this feature! Check if the insole is removable or not. It is crucial to have a removable insole for those who want to give extra support for their arc. These shoes let you keep an orthotic insole to provide optimal arc support. That’s why your foot remains in a neutral position and minimizes excessive pronation.


On the other side, if you don’t have an arch problem, it is okay not to have a removable sole.




Some top range shoes come with a midsole. It is not an essential feature, but if it includes with shoes, it means it cares for your foot. It helps the cushion layer to reduce impact when your foot strikes the ground.


 If you want to give extra safety to your feet, then you can go with this. Otherwise, most of the manufacturers are covering their quality within the insole and outsole. 




This one is one of the crucial features of walking shoes as many things depend on themselves. It has a direct connection with the surface, so you should be smart enough to check out the outsole. This is meant to provide traction to the footwear and protection from the terrain that will be in connect with.


Makers can make it by using a variety of materials. These include leather, synthetic, rubber, PVC compound. The rubber and the leather-made outsole are considered to be the best for walking shoes.


So, ensure the outsole has enough grip to the terrain. And comes with an anti-slip property that is stable for the wet and slippery surface.


Arch support


If you have an arch problem or prolonged pronation, then you should look for walking shoes that come with arch support. Otherwise, without this feature, you get hurt by the footwear, so that you’ll end up with the boots early. So it wise to select your walking shoes that have optimal arch support. 




This is another thing you should be aware of. Walking shoes are meant to be for a long time use on the rigid path and have to provide enough stability on the slippery surface. That’s why check the feature is in your selected shoes to get a confident walk. 




Be aware of the shock that can cause your foot pain. If you have joint and knee pain, then see the shoes can absorb shock. The shock-resistant feature will impact on your feet, knees, hips, ankles and prevent several injuries.


Once again, if you have flat feet and over-pronation, then it’s essential to have this feature in your walking shoes. 




This is a common feature yet crucial. Small or large size makes you uncomfortable, and you actually can’t walk thoroughly on the surface. So know your actual size if you’re purchasing a shoe pair from online. 


If you still don’t know your right shoe size, then try to go with the website that has exchanging offers. And finally, if you don’t want to go through this problem the go physical market to get your perfect size of shoes. 


Indeed, the best shoe can provides you the best support until you get the fit one for your foot. So don’t purchase shoes that feel too tight and hope they expand to fit.



Lightweight shoes allow you a burden-free walk. So that you can easily walk for a long distance without having pain in your foot. And lightweight ensures you a relaxed walking experience.




Styles matters! Yes, you hear right. Being a woman, we love to wear stylish outfits. Also, we have to keep in mind that which suits us. Don’t just pick up randomly or don’t go with other’s choices. Understands which you fit more to reflect your personality and goes with your physics as well as suits your demand. 




Low-lasting working shoes will go down all of a sudden. Without this feature, you can’t expect your working shoes to provide the best support.


On the other hand, choose durable shoes. It is meant to be a good quality of shoes that can provide you the support even the surface is rough or uneven. It will not leave you soon.


Frequently asked question


In this section, we picked out some questions that most people asked regarding the best shoes for walking on concrete all day. Let’s have a look at these for a glimpse.


Q: Is walking on concrete bad for your feet?


Ans: Yes, walking or working on concrete for an extended time can be responsible for many problems such as sore feet, legs, knees, and ankles pain. If you ignore it for prolong time, then this might be turned into a chronic problem. That’s why it’s better to have the right shoes for concrete


Q: What are the features that make shoes best for walking on concrete?


Ans: these below feature make shoes perfect for walking or standing on concrete:

  • Soft cushion layer that provides the maximum support
  • Outer sole which is directly connecting with the surface ( leather, mesh, synthetic)
  • Good arch support that prevents and reduce the pain of feet
  • The slip-resistant feature that is ensuring a comfortable walk   

Q: What is better for working on concrete floors- shoes or boots?


Ans: It totally depends on the customer’s choice as some prefer shoes more than boots whereas some like to wear boots.

But if you ask my opinion, then I would say, if you want to purchase for office work where you don’t need to stand for a long time then you can pick the shoes. On the other side, when it comes to heavy industrial duty on concrete, then I would prefer boots. 


Hence some people find the boot’s outsole is thicker that is responsible for foot pain. The wise decision is to choose the most easy to wear and make you comfortable while walking on the concrete or any hard surface.


Q: what are the best shoe for walking on concrete?



Best overall: Brooks Women’s Adrenaline Gts 19 Running Shoes 

Best value: Under Armour Women’s Micro G Pursuit Running Shoe


Most expensive: KEEN Utility Women’s Flint Low Work Shoe

Most stylish: Athlefit Women’s Lace Up Wedge Sneakers


Final verdict


That’s for today! We hope you will understand which one shoes suit your need. In this article, we try to give you detail information so that you can make a decision quickly for the best women’s shoe for walking on concrete.


However, overlook your comfort or health by wearing the wrong shoes that do not provide sufficient support to your feet. Instead, pick any of these high-quality options to give your feet a relaxed and healthy walk!  



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