Best Tourmaline hair dryers based on the hair types and other related facts

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Best Tourmaline hair dryers

You always try to put the best effort into buying a better hair dryer but have you ever thought if it suits your hair or not. Well, it is certain that you have a gorgeous choice preference which exactly represents your best style. But choosing a blow dryer is not all about matching your taste rather it is important to keep an eye on the fact whether the dryer is based on your hair type or not.

But here it comes the biggest go-round toughest and the all-embracing query is what type of hair dryer is exactly all-good for your hair type? Okay, you are getting confused right away, are not you? The next part of this writing is going to make you understand all the ins and outs of picking up a perfect hair blower. I have been asked a lot throughout my professional ages regarding if there is any particular dryer for a specific hair category. And my answer is obviously yes. You will come to know about the best tourmaline hair dryer that suits your hair according to your expectation in the later part of this writing.

Assess your hair type to get suitable tourmaline dryer machine by going through the following indicative information

What type of hair dryer are you using? Is it a tourmaline dryer or any other usual dryer that just dries your hair without taking any care of your hair for heat tolerance or any other issues regarding hair care? If you are using a hairdryer without tourmaline or ceramic then it is high time to change your machine. A tourmaline hair dryer would be an exact dry up solution for whatever hair type you got. But why and how does it suit your hair? Could you come up with any idea?

Well, let’s spare a moment here and focus on the basic facts about tourmaline technology and the mechanism of the dry up process. A hairdryer without tourmaline technology usually let you apply intense heat to your hair. It only dries your hair and takes away all the moisture from your hair strand which results in dampening your awesome hair. This could be similar to something like someone is out of the home and letting the sunlight dry her hair and make it dull, damaged and lifeless. Before going on for the best tourmaline hair dryer it is vital to know about the following two key facts.

Which type of hair you got, thick or thin or curly?

This is not the concern that how expensive or gorgeous your hair dryer is rather the best concern relies on using an appropriate dryer that perfectly suits your hair. Without assessing hair type many of you tend to get fooled by the flamboyant advertisement on TV or other media and ultimately buy a hair dryer based on those promotions. Consequently, you ended up with horrible experiences often times. So, the endeavor of this write-up is to focus on some real facts to help you out in choosing the appropriate blow dryer in accordance with your hair condition and texture. If you are blessed with thin hair and your hair is prone to damage then a tourmaline ceramic hair dryer would be best for you. If your hair is thick and it has a tendency to frizz then you should go for a tourmaline titanium hair dryer. For those who got curly hair, looking out for a tourmaline ceramic or tourmaline ionic or a hair dryer with both ceramic and ionic technology would do best. A bit more details about picking up the best ones have been talked to the middle of this write-up, so keep reading for further more details.

Why tourmaline hair dryers are best for your hair type:

After assessing your hair type whether it is thin or thick or curly, a few insights into tourmaline technology will reach you for a better clarification to pick up a blow dryer that best suits your hair. Tourmaline, a semi-precious gemstone, a well-known name is basically a complex state of aluminum borosilicate. In the manufacturing process, tourmaline, the crystal boron silicate mineral is first crushed into a fine powder. After that this fine powder is transferred into different components of hair dryers. This rare gemstone ‘tourmaline’ offers the healthy, smooth, shiny and vivacious appearance of your hair.

  • Tourmaline heating plates are particularly important if you use a hair straightener to style your hair regularly. Because the tension generated by the tourmaline heating plate is lower, so the susceptibility to snagging or snapping in your hair is also lower. This is how tourmaline blow dryer protects your hair from snagging or snapping.
  • Tourmaline machine provides loads of negative ions which take part in your hair smoothing process. Tourmaline keeps your hair hydrated and locks more moisture into your hair fibers and counteracts frizz.
  • Closing hair follicles, tourmaline hair plates also emits far infrared heat that minimizes heat damage and protects your hair. The far infrared heat is a heat having a higher temperature which exchanges vitality to something having relatively a lower temperature through electromagnetic radiation. This heat removes static electricity and seals moisture into your hair, which results in shiny, smooth and healthy hair.
  • A dryer with tourmaline ceramic machine heats up your hair evenly and quickly. It passes a smooth movement of heat continuously through your hair without pulling and tugging any portion of your hair. And this results in less breakage and damage to your beautiful hair.
  • Hair dryers with tourmaline titanium or nano titanium, a lustrous metallic element, is very resistant to scratch and outstandingly durable under high heat. Tourmaline titanium also releases far infrared heat evenly and negative ions to enhance the shine and the hydration of your hair. Natural oils and moisture get sealed into your hair because of the superior activities of far infrared heat. Thus the tourmaline titanium technology provides smooth, shiny, less frizzy and healthy hair and enhances the overall appearance of the hair.
  • Jointly tourmaline ceramic and tourmaline ionic technology makes the heat much gentle on your hair and offers you a good-looking shinier and less frizzy hair. Negative ions break down the hair water molecules while the far infrared heat passes through the hair softly with gentle heat. You need not be tensed about heat damage because it enables your hair to tolerate a high level of heat.

Various Types of Tourmaline Hairdryers

You all are familiar with the different names of heating plates but the rare gemstone tourmaline heating plates are very special among them. You also have already come to know that tourmaline plates generate infrared heat and work perfectly on your hair. Well, below are the widely used tourmaline technology hairdryers you can match with your hair. Besides these, you can also find some other tourmaline dryers. A good understanding of different tourmaline terms will help you to choose the perfect blow dryer for your awesome hair.


  • Tourmaline Ceramic Dryers

The internal heating plate and some other components in this type of hair dryers are actually coated with both ceramic and tourmaline over copper and aluminum elements. Tourmaline ceramic technology offers soft and smooth hair by providing soft and gentle heat. All the mechanisms in this dryer are for providing a lively, shiny and smooth hair for everyone.

  • Tourmaline Titanium or Nano Titanium Dryers:

Though Tourmaline Titanium or Nano Titanium hair dryers are mostly similar to tourmaline ceramic hair dryer, but a titanium hair dryer differs from a ceramic hair dryer in terms of providing a constant even heat. Tourmaline titanium blow dryer would be a perfect choice for professional uses as it performs relatively same to all hair types. It is also a perfect pick for personal use for the people having thick or coarse or even normal hair.

  • Tourmaline Ceramic and Ionic Dryers:

We already have come to know that tourmaline causes nearly few millions of negative ions to emit which counteracts positive ions. And this results dramatically in short hair drying time and a good-looking, healthy lively hair. Tourmaline ceramic and tourmaline ionic technology makes the heat much gentle on your hair and offers you a good-looking shinier and less frizzy hair. This dryer is perfect for curly or wavy hair types.

Which dryer you should pick based on your hair type

Most interesting fact about tourmaline hair dryer is that it shortens the hair drying periods. A tourmaline hair dryer completes your dry work 40 percent quicker than any other non-tourmaline cousin. Tourmaline even gets you keeping your hair hydrated and locking 20 times more moisture into your hair fibers than any other varieties of hair straightener plates. Below are the most important and crucial practical facts for choosing suitable hair dryer considering your hair type.

  1. Tourmaline Ceramic hair dryer is best for thin or moderately damaged hair

Tourmaline Ceramic hair dryer

When it is about to purchase a hair dryer for thin hair then a tourmaline ceramic hair dryer always remains a top priority. If you have thin or moderately damaged hair and your hair is prone to frizz then you should pick a hair dryer infused with tourmaline ceramic technology to provide your hair a natural ion output. During your hair drying time, you will have no pulling or tugging of your hair by a tourmaline ceramic hair dryer as ceramic has the characteristic to glide through the hair. Tourmaline ceramic hair dryer offers you a surprisingly less breakage and damage to your hair. It will help you to get rid of frizzy hair and will bring out natural shine to your hair. A relatively low wattage hair dryer with a DC motor is the best pick for the people who have thin hair or fine or damaged hair.

  1. Tourmaline Titanium, as well as Ceramic dryer, is perfect for thick or coarse hair and normal hair

babyliss pro tt tourmaline titanium
If you have thick to coarse hair and your hair has a tendency to frizz then you should go for a tourmaline ceramic or tourmaline titanium hair dryer with relatively high wattage. Tourmaline ceramic plates or tourmaline titanium plates provide types of heat which reduces frizz to your hair. The continuous movement of far infrared heat helps to pass a soft and gentle heat evenly through your hair strands. High heat is necessary for thick or coarse hair. A tourmaline hair dryer with an AC motor provides high heat as AC motor is relatively stronger than a DC motor. A hairdryer with a high wattage DC motor will also do the likely job though. Normally an AC motor is preferable for professional use whereas the DC motor is preferable for personal or home use.

  1. If your hair is curly or wavy then you have lots of varieties

If you have a curly or wavy hair which is thick or healthy and strong then you have lots of options of hair dryers out there in the market. If your hair is prone to frizz and damage then you should look out for a tourmaline ceramic or tourmaline ionic or a hair dryer with both ceramic and ionic technology. If your hair is curly and wavy but a bit thin then you should go for a moderately low wattage blow dryers. People who have thick curly or wavy hair should pick a hair dryer with relatively a high wattage hair dryer. Tourmaline titanium hair dryer is also a good option for those who have thick curly and wavy. When you buy a tourmaline hair dryer just make sure that the dryer has a concentrator or a diffuser.

  1. For Everyday Use

If you want a tourmaline hair dryer for everyday use you should look out for a tourmaline dryer with DC motor as this type of dryer is light in weight. This would be also a better option while you are on a travel. A tourmaline blow dryer with AC motor is also perfect if you do not pay so much attention to the weight.

  1. For Professional Use

A tourmaline hair dryer with AC motor is perfect if you are searching for a professional dryer. An AC motor is basically stronger than a DC motor and it also lasts more than a DC motor.

Some best tourmaline hair dryer suggestions you may try

  1. Rusk Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watts Hair Dryer- Best for thick hair and for professional use

RUSK Engineering W8less Professional 2000 Watt Dryer
This is probably the best hair dryer you will find on the market with a price range of below $100. This dryer let you easily hold it all day as well as so much convenient to carry and have the price range of $70-$90. Despite having a weight of approximately 1 pound, the Rusk engineering w8less professional 2000 watt hair dryer with DC motor is yet powerful enough to offer you all your hair styling you are really looking for.

The nozzle concentrator will allow you to dry a small portion of your hair blowing by a light air stream, which means you can dry a specific surrounding hair as you wish to dry. It has a pretty simple operating system like the cold shot button is on the top, the middle button is for leveling the heat whether you want warm or cold or hot airflow, and on the bottom is for setting it low or high or off. You will get nearly the best professional performance by this dryer so what more you can look for?

  1. BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer- Best choice for the people who have thin or fine hair

BaBylissPRO TT Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer
This dual voltage system Babyliss pro 1000 watts tourmaline titanium awesome looking hair dryer will make you astonished how good does this tiny machine weighing only 0.65 lb work. The price range for this powerful dryer is only $30-50.  This dryer has a folding handle and perfect for hairstyling when you are on a travel and is outfitted for worldwide usage.

There are two different heat and speed settings in this dryer. If you want faster airspeed and hot temperature you need to set the higher blow speed setting. On the other hand, you have to set low airspeed setting for slower airspeed and low temperature but not cool air. You would not have any arm ache if you hold it even for a longer time. This dryer would also be a good choice for thick or coarse hair with the high-temperature setting.

  1. Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer- Best for particularly with curly or wavy hair for home use

Conair 1875W Double Ceramic Hair Dryer
You can claim it as the best dryer in the price range of $20-$30. The Conair 1875 watt ionic ceramic hair dryer pricing under $30 is designed with both tourmaline ceramic and ionic technology and offers loads of useful features. It has high-torque DC motor to accelerate hair drying period. The delicate surface for comfortable hold gives a styling versatility and ease concurrently.

It has customizable 3 heat setting and 2-speed setting features with a simple slider of the switch. Any mix of these settings can be utilized to match your hair texture and length. The low-warm and low-speed setting are perfect for sensitive, fine hair of all lengths, and the high-warm, the rapid setting is most appropriate for thick or long hair.

  1. Conair Mini Pro Folding Handle Tourmaline Ceramic Dryer- Best uses of the dryers are for all hair types, especially for thin and long hair

Conair miniPRO Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer with Folding Handle
You cannot imagine how good this low priced dryer is and the price range is even below $20. Conair mini pro folding handles tourmaline ceramic dryer ranging in price of $12-$18 is a lightweight blow dryer. The 1200 watts dual voltage powerful motor has all the power to style your hair as you wish. A concentrator has been added to it for your pinpoint hair styling and a no-slip grip for comfortable hair styling.

The 2 heats and speed settings offer you a customizable hair styling for any sort of hair. The folding handle lets you deal with a hurry travel and compact storage.  This Dryer will get you the results nearly same to Rusk considering the temperature and it performs on par or even better sometimes than some other professional dryers. This would be a good choice for travel use. Probably you cannot ask more from a dryer with this price range.




  1. Lightweight Hair Dryer- Professional Tourmaline Ion Ceramic Blow Dryer- Best for all types of hair for home use

Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer
If you are searching for salon quality outcomes at home then lightweight professional tourmaline ion ceramic blow dryer is best for you because it is outfitted with progressive infrared innovation. This is a very lightweight dryer with only about 1 lb weight and has a price range of only $35-$45. It has 1875 watts Johnson Motor, which is said to be better than AC or DC motors.

This amazing dryer comes with 3 heat settings and 2-speed settings which will cut your drying time by up to 80%. The 9-inch cord with Velcro wrap tie will give you flexible movement. It has a cool shot button feature through which you can blow cool air to lock your hair in place and seal in your style.

Finally, it can be said that several hours of time have been taken for choosing the perfect hair dryer for different types of hair. Whatever time it may take is not our first concern as we believe that your satisfaction is our top priority. The above decision is based on an appropriate research for quite a lot of hours of time, thousands of reviews in different networks and some other possible pragmatic ways. We can assure that choosing any of the above hair dryer based on your hair type will not disappoint you. So, do not get confused by the other mind-altering substances and try out the suggested blow dryers. Remember, your satisfaction is our top priority.











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