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best steam mop reviews

A well-designed steam mop is a useful utensil to have around when you have hard floors to clean. It has the ability to disinfect & deep clean hard floors in a far better way than a bucket and mop are unable to provide. Even, few types are so powerful that it can revitalize a stained floor with ease. Virtually, all the available steam mop brands claim to eradicate around 99% of bacteria & germs. Of course, the steam mop that performs double duty can save both your space & time like a steam mop/spray mop combo or a vacuum/steam mop combo which is pretty much appreciable.

Here, we research tons of steam mop reviews to sort out the best steam mops based on performance, features & ease of use. We comprehensively test all the products we review to ensure the best service to our valuable readers.  It doesn’t matter what you are searching, either it’s a steam mop for laminate or tiled floors or a steam cleaner for de-mucking grout, our enriched collection of the best steam is definitely going to make you dazzled.


How Steam Mop Operates

A steam mop requires no additional chemicals for its operations. In order to run the basic operation, it heats the distilled water inside. This heated water will loosen the dirt & a pad made out of microfiber attached to the mop will readily absorb it. As the best steam mops don’t use any chemicals, it is perfect for those who are suffering from sensitiveness. The microfiber cloths used in the steam mops are generally reusable&washable as well.


General Information About Steam Mops

If you don’t know about the capabilities of a steam mop & you want to find some more answers, then this section is perfect for you. We have added a little information to help you in this cause.


Things Not To Do With Your Steam Mop

There are some obvious points for you to understand when you will use a steam mop. The heat will be your first thing to consider along with the safe operation. As safety is mandatory for human beings, you need to go through all the general information & safety precautions about the best steam mop before you opt forward to buy one.

Consider Your Cleaning Pad

The cleaning pad used in the steam mop is as important as the device itself. So consider which type of cleaning pad you require before you make your happy purchase. In our review section, we have tried to discuss this vital issue briefly.


Different Types Of Steam Mops

Basic Steam Mop 

The basic steam mop comes with a built-in water tank & a flat mop head. The working procedure is pretty simple. You just need to fill the tank with water & turn the machine on, wait until the water gets heated up and start steaming. Some basic steam mop can reach to a certain temperature where it becomes able to sanitize as well.  Only 10-20 seconds of mopping will do the sanitization work in that case. The basic ones are well within your buying capability and they are environment-friendly as well. The microfiber mop pads included here are reusable & washable.


Multi-Purpose Steam Mops

Other than steaming, the multipurpose steam mops also perform the additional job of cleaning. A few models have a vacuum cleaner installed inside to pick up the debris before steaming starts which definitely eliminates the need of using a separate vacuum for cleaning purposes. You may also find some steam mop offering additional cleaning tools along with the purchase or in many cases you may also require buying such cleaning tools other than getting it free. Most of the best steam mops come with a cleaning tool included in the package.



Which Type To Buy

There are many types available, choose the one that would fulfill your requirements-

A Simple Steam Mop Only To Clean The Floors

If you require a steam mop for only cleaning purposes,  then the simple one would do for you. They can expertly freshen up your carpets & lift the stains from them. It is less expensive & the handheld option can be switched on for other tasks.

2-in-1 Steam Mop For Cleaning Floors As Well As Other Surfaces

These versatile best steam mops normally possess a selection of tools applied for various cleaning jobs. With the help of this tool, you can tackle bathroom tiles, kitchen tops, curtains & plenty more.

Buy A Steam Cleaner If The Steam Mop Seems Heavy

Of course, the steam cleaners with large cylinders are much heavier but they are on wheels meaning they are easier to maneuver. These cleaners will perform all the jobs of a 2-in-1 steam mop & it can also be carried on your shoulder.


How To Find The Best Steam Mops

Plenty of best steam mop reviews are available on the web, but most of them lack proper information and they are not as useful as they could be. It is always better to get an expert opinion about the product you are going to buy. Most of the time, the review of the owner & the expert varies because of durability issues. Even individual reviews by bloggers or affiliate marketers prove to be helpful in narrowing down the topic.

Our Top Rated Products

I can imagine that most of you won’t read the full review because of the shortage of time. So, here we have tried to summarize a few top-rated products so that you may at least have a quick glimpse & try to get an idea of your own. In case, you want to read the full review, you are always welcome.

Now, here we present our best picks…


BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop 1940


Among all the basic steam mops available on the current market, this Bissell Steam mop is the most reviewed product from the owners by quite a large margin. This steam mop promises to change your view on cleaning your floors forever. Users love this product as they claim that the Bissell PowerFresh is capable of cleaning even older & tougher stains with ease. In a comparison between the other steam & spray mops, this best steam mop gains the upper hand with its simple operation, easy handling & excellent performance. The product guarantees a 100 % cleaning of bacterias like salmonella & e-coli without using industrial chemicals. That indicates it won’t leave behind any harmful residue which will affect the environment.  It works perfectly on any kind of floor & it also heats up pretty fast. The streaming device comes with a 2-year warranty along with an outstanding price range.


O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop

Since 1906, O-Cedar has been a trusted name in the field of floor care & O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop is the first product from this very brand. It has a reputation of getting heated up so quickly & the approximate time range between plug-in to steam-in is around 20 seconds. Also, adjustable steam level settings are there for better control. A snap-on glider is included in the package for the purpose of refreshing your carpets. This is an eco-friendly steam mop as it effectively kills 99% of floor bacterias including the E.Coli bacterium without the use of any additional chemicals. It is pretty light in weight (5 lbs)& it is a great choice for sealed hard surfaces like wood, tile, laminate & vinyl. You don’t need to worry about the warranty of the product as this best steam mop comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee.


Shark S3501 Steam Pocket Mop

The Shark S3501 Steam Pocket Mop is only 1lb in weight with a rectangular head shape & a 180-degree swivel action. This action helps the steam mop to cover the hard to reach areas. A 25 feet extra long power cord is also included in the package & one can enjoy handling the adjustable height functions of this best steam mop. It is a great addition to the cleaning implements particularly if you have babies or pets & the pocket steam mop also effectively removes in-ground dirt & dried spills. The fact that the machine uses no chemicals is useful in many aspects like it saves you from purchasing expensive cleaners. The reversible pads are definitely washable for further re-use in the future & they made out of patented micro-fiber material. As it holds plenty of water in the reservoir, it saves you from the hassle of constant re-filling with water. Moreover, it is presented with a 1-year limited warranty.

Shark Sonic Professional Steam Mop SM200

This Shark SM200 steam mop is a top-rated product according to the steam mop reviews presented by the floor-care experts. The device has achieved such success because of its ultra-lightweight & the Sonic vibration technology that removes & breaks down stubborn stains along with providing easy & fast cleaning in tight areas. The electronic sonic-scrubbing is capable of offering 10,000 scrubs per minute just to ensure a clean home. The innovative mop deodorizes & sanitizes a variety of surfaces only by using the power of steam & every time it leaves a professional cleaning signature when you use it. Furthermore, here in this best steam mop, the swivel steering allows 360-degree rotation of the steam head to clear out the maximum amount of dirt from the deepest corner of your house. The steam-on-demand feature will provide you with the right amount of steam when needed.


BISSELL Symphony Vacuum and Steam Mop

Uniquely designed, the BISSELL Symphony Vacuum & Steam Mop has taken the multitasking cleaning to a whole new stage. It allows you to vacuum debris & pet hair and steam clean the hard floors at the same time. The seamless switching between the functions with the help of the Easy Touch Digital Controls is very effective to perform the works of steaming & vacuuming at the same time according to your cleaning needs. You won’t require to empty or fill up the tanks with your hand because the innovative Drop-IT tank emptying system would help you keep your hands clean. In addition, you can stay safe from harmful chemicals only by utilizing the power of steam to sanitize your floors, only the water you would need in this case. This best steam mop comes with the steam-Boost disposable mop pads to keep you out of your worst pet masses & leaving you with a fresh & open-window scent behind as well.

Black & Decker BDH1850SM 2-in-1 Steam Mop

This Black & Decker steam mop is the best of the worlds because it features a removable steam cleaner with various multiple attachments. It is pretty much capable of cleaning 99.99% of germs without using any chemicals other than water. The device is also great for homes stuffed with pets & kids. The Digital SmartSelect Technology allows you to select your specific floor type & according to that the mop will automatically release the exact amount of steam. It is quite safe to use on sealed hardwood floors. In order to clean tougher stains, the steam button can release up to 50% more stains than usual. The tank illumination will go from blue to red if the water reaches the exact temperature. The swivel steering is also there & when you want to quickly pause the cleaning work, you can always park the device upright and it will automatically shut off the steam mop. Also, you can hang it on the walls for saving storage spaces.


Shark Lift-Away S3901 Pro Steam Pocket Mop

The Shark Lift-Away S3901 has been exclusively designed to put an end to all your cleaning worries with features like a removable handheld steamer for delivering professional results. This steam cleaner is perfect for cleaning different floor surfaces with its three steam settings like the mop, dust & scrub. The variable steam delivery will allow you to adjust the accurate amount of steam depending on your needs. Among the level settings, the less steam function is perfect for everyday light cleaning & the more steam is perfect for removing tougher & hard to remove stains. This best steam mop also offers specialized attachments to clean surfaces like the ceilings & the walls. The carpet glider is one of such attachments. According to the steam mop reviews, this professional steam pocket mop can clean any mess in your home either it is big or small. The tank capacity is 300ML & the product has a 1-year limited warranty.


Shark S3601 Steam Pocket Mop

The Shark Professional Steam Mop S3601 is fantastically engineered to provide an excellent service of superior steam mop cleaning with three levels of intelligent steam control. From steaming delicate hardwood floors to scrubbing tough tile messes, this best steam mop doesn’t lag behind in any cases.  It is a premier tool in green cleaning as it uses no chemicals & it has re-usable micro-fiber pockets too. In a statistic provided by a few steam mop reviews, this Shark Steam Pocket Mop has been awarded as the leader in steam-cleaning technology as it sanitizes power for all the floors and tiles in your home & delivers you a superior steam mop cleaning. Only by using the water, this device efficiently kills around 99% of common household germs &bacterias like salmonella &e.coli. It is a chemical-free way to clean your home. Also, it has a manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year.

Bissell 1544A PowerFresh Lift-Off Pet Steam Mop

This Bissell Steam Mop gives you a natural & a versatile steam cleaning of your house as well as a wide range of surfaces. It eliminates around 99% of bacterias& germs when used as directed. It carries a removable & an integrated pod named as the LiftOFF POD to harness the steam power just to clean both on & above the floors. It’s 13 specialized tools will let you clean surfaces like sinks, counters, windows, grouts, and many more. The exclusive flip-down EasyScrubber is another option to remove the sticky pet messes & tough stains from the floors. The scent disk would help you remove pet odors & maintain a fresh smell all-around your house. It is time to say goodbye to germs because this best steam mop will let you harness the effective & natural cleaning power of steam. Also, this product is top-rated according to the steam mop reviews as well.

Bissell 1132A Symphony Vacuum and Steam Mop


It is time to enjoy a complete hard floor clean in a simple manner as the Bissell Symphony Vacuum & Steam Mop is now in our spotlight. It is the only cleaner that can steam & vacuum effectively at the same time. You are sure to get a sanitized&  a clean floor without the use of harsh chemicals and the mop & bucket thing. The Easy Touch Digital Controls will help you switch between steam & vacuum whenever you think you need it. The Quick-Release Mop Pad Tray & the adjustable handle made it the best steam mop so that you can enjoy a barefoot ready & fresh floor for you and your family. You would also get 4 replaceable & washable mop pads (2 soft & 2 for scrubbing) in this complete cleaning package. If I left any features untouched, then it is your duty to read the full review to learn more about it. Who knows, what’s inside. Thanks….



Steam Mop Care

Regular washing of the cloth covers is required in order to get a smooth performance of your best steam mop. You should not use fabric softener to wash microfiber pads as this damages the cloth and you need to dry them in the shade as the sunlight is also harmful to them. If you are deprived of a hard water filter, then you should use distilled water instead, just to prevent the build-up of the scales. Scales normally block the steam line & are not covered by the warranty. If you still have any queries, feel free to ask us, we would try our level best to provide you quality support.


Some Cautionary Notes

All the hard floors seem to support the application of a steam mop. However, a few laminate & hardwood floor manufacturers like to disagree with this thought. They recommend that using a steam mop might void the floor’s warranty. The same thing goes for the sealed-wood floors. Perhaps, you should check the warranty to make sure that the steam mops are not excluded from the list.

A lower level of cleaning performance of steam mops has also been found on laminate & hardwood floors. Some users say that they experience the drying of the floor with streaks and others blame the scrubbing pads for leaving unnecessary scratches on their floor. We advise you to be very careful while using your steam mop on a laminate or a hardwood flooring. However, if you can equip yourself with the most common types of flooring like the linoleum or the tile, then a steam mop is the best choice you can go along with.




We run a steam mop review site with on-hand testing & we have been hoping that you would find us to get your best steam mop from here. No one will provide you tested results, but we put them to work on our floors just after the purchase to figure out the actual level of performance.  We do this only to provide you an unbiased & an honest review along with saving you time & money. We know the pain of your struggles to choose the best steam mop for your home. We hope we were able to accommodate you with all the valuable information you have been searching so that you could make your choice which suits your budget as well as your home. It was a pleasure to have you among us. Thanks a lot for staying with us. Happy Purchase!!!

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