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Choose Your Best Hair Straightener for Thick Curly Hair | A Complete Guide

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best hair straightener for thick curly hair

Who doesn’t want to have a set of thick curly hair?… It’s like a blessing, isn’t it? But, sometimes it isn’t!! When it comes to styling or straighten it up, it’s not an easy task to do. Heat damage is the most common factor ladies tend to fear about. But, every problem has a solution, luckily, nowadays this is not regarded as a problem at all. The hair straighter industry is advanced like never before with hundreds and tons of extraordinary products on offer.

Now, the question arises….which one is the best?? Thanks to the heavens we are here with a display of some of the very best performing products from reputed brands that will definitely be a day-savior for you.

Other than styling, hair straitening has numerous benefits. Curly hairs are tighter and it is difficult to maintain them. More often, ladies tend to find their curly hairs dangling above their heads resulting in some stubborn knots which eventually causes frequent hair loss. Don’t worry!! We have the perfect solution for you. The best hair straightener for curly hair is the ultimate tool to fight tangling and hair loss. This is something that will diminish your unruly hair and save you from time-consuming dry-blowing. Plus, you can introduce a routine-based hair managing system in your daily life.

If you don’t have enough time for a lengthy blow dry and you don’t want your hair to look unruly, then a hair straightener is the best tool to have at your disposal.


Table of Contents

How It Works??

Human hair consists of three parts-cuticle, cortex and medulla. Medulla is the central most part of the hair shaft. The middle layer which is called the cortex is made up of keratin protein. This keratin holds the shape of the hair with hydrogen bonds and this bond can only be broken by applying two methods-heat and water. Hair straighteners use heat to break this bond and re-arrange or transform the hairs into a new shape. But, this transformation is not permanent because the hair straighteners are only breaking the physical bonds between the hairs rather than any chemical bonds. So, the previous structure of your hair is always achievable even after applying any straighteners. If you want to break-down the chemical bonds, you must consult with a professional. A hair straightener can only bring a temporary change to your curly hair structure.


Select the Product That Suits Your Hair Best

Initially, you must pick the product that has basic functions like equal temperature distribution option, adjustable heat settings and ceramic plate irons (flat). Don’t go for the products that don’t have these mentioned capabilities because you will need them for your curly hair. Changing the structure of your hair overnight with a single swipe of your straightener is not possible, so let’s talk reality keeping the promotional part aside.

If your hair is coursed in texture, then you must use a heat sealant as a precaution before to applying heat on the surface. A flat iron will be best for the thick hairs. With access frizz reduction and hair-lock removing capabilities, it will help you to have a flawless hairstyle. It is even possible to straighten up Afro-American hairstyles with a flat iron. Ceramic plate induced flat irons to hydrate the hair during the straightening-up process. On the other hand, a tourmaline straightener is good for frizzy hairs because it will work well even when the temperature is mild.


Expert’s Advice

Hair experts all around the world discourage to directly heat up the hair with a flat iron before applying any heat-protectant at first. Natural curly hairs always remain dry, if any heating is applied, then the texture will tend to fall-off from the root leaving the moisture behind. It a nightmare for the ladies!! So, let’s not ruin our curl pattern, let’s discuss how to prevent it. It’s better if you can massage your hair from top to bottom with a cleanser or a conditioner before to applying any sort of heat. It’s like moisturizing your hair. Some people blow-dry and comb their hair right just after using heat protectants. But, be advised not to use any round brush because it will break the curl patterns with an excessive tension of the bristles.

After you are done with the moisturizing part, take necessary preparation to start the flat-ironing. Now, the straightener will work smoothly, but it’s wise to start slowly from a small section. Use a tooth comb while straightening. Place it just above the straightener and it will roll according to the movement of the straightener. It should slide simultaneously with the machine.


Pre-requirements of a Flat Iron    

Plate Material

Plate material is the first thing you must check on a flat iron. Not all the flat iron plate materials are same. It is advisable to select either titanium or ceramic plates for curly hairs.

Ceramic Plates:The ceramic plates will help you to slide the straightener smoothly over your hair without creating any damage. Also, it’ll shine your hair by moisture lock technology without leaving any hot/cold spot. It is more suitable for thin curly hairs. You need more temperature for thicker hairs but ceramic plated flat irons are unable to provide you with that.

Titanium Plates:This type is widely used all over the world by hair stylists. Titanium plates are known for fast heating.  It is a little bit difficult to use but it has more advantages. It can transfer heat more rapidly than the ceramic plates. But, there are several reports of hair damage because of overheating while using the titanium plated hair straighteners. Because of its overheating function, it is perfectly suitable for thick curly hairs.

Tourmaline Plates:Tourmaline is a gemstone. This type is more sophisticated and expensive because of its rarity and frizz reduction capability. Sometimes it is used as a coating on titanium plates. It makes the hair look more shiny and smooth by emitting a lot of negative ions.


You can choose your preferred type according to your hair type from the options mentioned above. But, if you have a thick curly hair, it is better to use a ceramic or tourmaline coated titanium plate for your flat iron hair straightener.

Plate Size

The general size ranges from half inches to about two inches. Smaller plates are preferable for short hair and larger plates are for thick and long hair. Wide & long plates can straighten a good amount of hair within a short period of time and provides a strong grip. Wider plates are time savior for longer hairs also.


Auto Shut-Off

Most of the hair straighteners have this auto shut-off system. This mechanism helps to power off the machine when not in use for a certain period of time. You can pre-set this time. It is beneficial for electric consumption and you can avoid unwanted accidents.


Temperature Control Function

This is a mandatory feature. Just switch to another product if your one is not having this function. You may need different sets of temperature adjustments according to your hair. Thick hair will require more heat, on the other hand, thinner ones will need less. This function is similar to that of the temperature adjustment system of an electric iron. But always remember to start your straightener at a lower temperature and then gradually speed up if you need. If you don’t know your preferred hair temperature then try with the lowest temperature first.



In order to make the hair straightening process smoother and efficient, some brands offer attachable combs with the main package. That helps you form the hassle of buying extra combs/brushes. So, always consider picking up the straightener that is offering a little extra.

Now, the burning question is, which is the best hair straightener for thick curly hair?? We have prepared a short list of some of the best products of the best brands available on the market today. We have considered every important feature that was mentioned above while selecting these products.

This is going to be your very important decision because selecting a wrong product may result in a severe hair damage. In order to help you take this decision, we have prepared a list of 10 best hair straightening products. So, let’s scroll down and have a look for yourself.

List of 10 Best Hair Straightener for Thick Curly Hair

  1. Sutra Beauty Magno Turbo Hair Straightener, Pink

Product Details

The Sutra Beauty Magno is one of the very best hair straighteners for thick curly hair. It has already become quite popular among the people who prefer hair straighteners as one of their main hair styling product. With the latest tourmaline infused titanium plate technology, it is breaking all the grounds of this industry. This is a patented technology owned only by Sutra Beauty Magno Turbo Hair Straightener. Top-notch hair stylists from the hair styling area awarded it with positive reviews.  As it uses 90% infrared turbo heating technology, it can give you faster results, takes around 5 seconds to reach the temperature mark of 450 degrees. The device has dedicated preset modes for different kinds of hair. It has a manual mode too. You can set your desired operating temperature before start ironing. The maximum range for the temperature is up to 450°F. It is dual voltage compatible. The extended curved edges will give you flexibility during operation. Now, let’s talk about the exterior. The stylish and sleek design is definitely pretty eye-catching. It is available in Pink color too!


There’s more to it. See the features down below-



  • Stylish and easily maneuverable
  • Uses a 360° professional swivel cord
  • Heats up pretty fast. It takes around 5 minutes (max.) to reach the working level
  • Has extendable edges for extra-long hairs
  • The flat iron plate is made of titanium with a layer of tourmaline for extensive heating
  • Available with a super-fast heating element. About 90% FAR infrared is used for heating
  • Uses dual voltage
  • Has an advanced temperature control system. Change it depending on the thickness of your hair-thick, fine, curly, course or extra-thick. It is available with digitalized preset settings
  • 1 choice for the hair stylists all around the world


  1. Ionic Hair Straightener Brush, GLAMFIELDS Electrical Heated Irons Hair Straightening with Faster Heating, MCH Ceramic Technology, Auto Temperature Lock, Anti Scald, Heat Resistant Glove (Black-02)

Product Details

This GLAMFIELDS hair straightener is something you should look forward to, if you want to have a silky smooth and long-lasting hair, then this is just the right product for you. It gives your hair a shiny look by releasing negative ions. It helps in reducing hair friskiness and split ends. It is also effective for hair knotting problems. This is actually a hairbrush which serves both purposes and you won’t even need any extra comb attachment for this package. What we like about this product is its easy maneuvering capability, it’s like you are using a brush, not a straightener. It’s time-consuming too! Takes 30-40 seconds faster heating time compared to other products. The wide brush tooth also speeds up the overall heating process. The GLAMFIELDS electrical heated irons offer 12 different settings and it ranges from 260°F to 450°F. With an LED screen display the operating temperature can be easily spotted. Another impressive feature is its auto shut-off technology. Your machine will automatically be switched off when not in use for about 30 minutes. Isn’t it an energy efficient tool!


There’s more to it. See the features down below-



  • It suits all types of hair. This product will work exactly the same regardless of hair categories and condition
  • The metal ceramic heater generates heat pretty quickly. It takes around 30-40 seconds to start ironing.
  • In order to protect the hair from excessive heat, it generates negative ions.
  • The power swivel cord is 360° rotatable. Even you can operate it with one hand
  • Has 12 adjustable temperature setting
  • Available with auto temperature lock & auto shut-off technology
  • Attachments- 1 professional ceramic (anti-scald comb teeth)
  • It can heat up to 150°C-250°C
  • Requires around 70W power, 50-70 HZ frequency, and 120-250V electricity


  1. Steam Hair Straightener, Flat Iron with Ionic Ceramic, Professional Temporary Salon Tool, Dual Voltage, Digital Controls for Women Men with Curly Long Short Thick Thin Hair Travel

Product Details

The professional temporary salon tool is famous for its steam jet technology. It injects controllable steam during heating. There are two types of steam setting you’ll find in this device. This steam is helpful in many ways, it blocks hair oil, prevents hair damage and makes the hair look shinier. With six different temperature settings for all sorts of hair, this particular hair straightening device is catching everyone’s attention these days. When it comes to certification no one can beat professional temporary salon hair straightener. Most of the products of this company are SAA, ETL, GS, CE & ROHS certified. Automatic shut-off is it’s another interesting feature, the device will be turned off when not in use for about 60 minutes. The product is dual voltage compatible too. The package comes with 1 small water bottle, 1 user manual, 1 warranty card, 1 water tank installation card and 1 hair straightener. Customers will get 2 years full warranty on every part of this product.

There’s more to it. See the features down below-



  • User-friendly. Anybody can use it use without reading the manual
  • Uses the latest steam function.
  • Better for all kinds of hair- coarse or thick. It doesn’t matter if you have long or short hair
  • Makes them silky smooth and shiny in no time
  • Moistures the hair with a cold steam conditioner while straightening.
  • It has both dry and wet usage
  • Available with 5 different temperature adjustable temperature settings
  • Has ceramic tourmaline coating induce in the flat iron
  • Requires around 50-60 HZ frequency and 110-240V electricity
  • An LED indicates when the power is on
  • One of the best hair straightener for thick curly hair


  1. GSKY Professional Hair Straightener Brush Steam Flat Iron for Argan Oil Infusion Treatment Styler Upgrade Infrared Ionic 3 in 1 with LCD Display

Product Details

GSKY is a reputed name in the hair styling industry. This time they have arrived with this awesome hair straightener brush steam. This will serve two purposes of a brush and a straightener. The product is pretty user-friendly, you won’t have to take a look on the instruction manual for operating it. Variable temperature settings with digital LCD display comes as added benefits. The temperature range is- 150°F to 450°F, you have to select your desired temperature set according to your hair type. This brush emits infrared rays and negative ions. The cutting-edge infrared technology heats the hair from inside out by fully penetrating the cuticle and the negative ions make the hair look more sleek and shiny. It’s great for traveling, supports dual voltage and the 360° extra-long salon grade swivel cord will give you the desired flexibility.

Our recommendation- one of the very best hair straightener for thick curly hair.

There’s more to it. See the features down below-



  • This infrared ionic hair straightener brush uses steam iron technology
  • Sprays sufficient amount of negative ion while straightening
  • Adds moisture to protect the hair from damages. The moisturizer makes it look more glossy and smooth
  • Fights against bad smell occurred during the straightening process and eradicate different bacteria and germs
  • Has moisture balancing technology
  • Doesn’t have an adverse effect on color treated hair
  • Fights hair fall and dandruff too
  • Helps the hair to grow by stimulating
  • Package includes- 1 bottle, 1 glove(black) and the main straightener product
  • It has both dry and wet usage
  • It’s an oil-free straightener and each of these is tested with water as a part of the quality control process.


  1. Professional Hair Straightener, Flat Iron for Hair Styling: 2 in 1 Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron for All Hair Types with Rotating Adjustable Temperature and Salon High Heat 250°F-450°F, 1 inch, Gold

Product Details

FURIDEN is another specialists! It is one of the trusted brands in professional hair styling industry. Their brand new flat iron hair straightener is another great product from their arsenal and it just rose their reputation higher. Let’s start with the design first. It has the latest directional switch design with a firm grip. The device is so much user-friendly that you can get a silky smooth hair just with the click of a button. This revolutionary one-step hair straightener heats up within 15 seconds and saves energy. That’s pretty cool! If time is your biggest concern, then you can simply reply on this hair straightener because it reduces overall straightening time in comparison with other conventional ones. It’s durable and travels friendly. Supports dual voltage and comes with auto shut-off technology. Your satisfaction will be guaranteed! FURIDEN gives you a 6-month guarantee on this product. All the tensions are over. You’ll not find anything better than this…


There’s more to it. See the features down below-



  • Uses a 360° extra-long swivel cord
  • Easy to use and maneuver
  • Rapid heat-up capability. It takes around 15 seconds for the straighter to be in working mode
  • Time efficient compared to other products
  • Perfect for every hair type
  • Available with 5 different temperature setting
  • The temperature can be adjusted from 250°F to 450°F
  • Comes with one step dial switch
  • Has dual voltage mode
  • An LED indicator helps to monitor different levels of heating
  • A variety of different temperature setting depending on the hair texture is described in the manual.
  • The package also comes with extra enhancements like comb, extendable cord and hairbrush


  1. ALOFOX Infrared Hair Straightener, Negative Ion Technology Anti-Static, Professional Flat Iron 1.67 inch Tourmaline Ceramic Heating Plate, LCD Display, Worldwide Dual Voltage Auto Shut

Product Details

ALOFOX Infrared Hair Straightener is a powerful device with intense features. It is famous for its great heat balancing technology. The hair straightener emits infrared rays for hair protection. These infrared rays can easily go deep into the human dermis and thus it helps hairs from falling and makes it more strong & bright. It also has the negative ion technology that makes the hair look shinier by neutralizing positive charge and eliminating static electricity. You will feel the difference after regular use, combing will become much easier and soothing. It has 10 different temperature settings and it can be displayed with an LCD digital monitor. Safety of the hair has become the biggest concern nowadays and the ALOFOX Infrared Hair Straightener comply with this requirement better than any other hair styling product. With an automatic shut-off function and dual voltage capability, this is exactly what you need for your thick curly hair. It is travel-friendly and can be used with a compatible adaptor.

There’s more to it. See the features down below-



  • This straightener emits infrared rays that have the moisture locking capability. It helps the hair from any sort of damaging during the pull
  • Negative ion is sprayed from it during the straightening process. It lessens the roughness of the hair by inhibiting static electricity
  • Heats evenly and maintains a constant temperature
  • Comes with 67 inches tourmaline ceramic heating plates
  • Temperature range-190°F to 450°F
  • The cushion function prevents hair pressure and hair pulling
  • Comes with great insulation effect
  • It has 720° swivel cord and 2.5 meters extra-long wire
  • This travel-friendly device uses dual voltage & has an LCD display
  • UL certified
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  1. Hair Straightener, Entil Flat Iron with 1 inch Ionic Ceramic Titanium Plates, Professional Salon Tool, Dual Voltage, Digital Controls for Women with Curly Long Short Thick Fine Thin Wavy Hair Travel

Product Details

Entil Flat Iron Hair Straightener has some pretty cool look. The product is available in green with a tinge of blue color. You will be amazed to see your hair getting straightened within a few seconds, yes!! It’s that fast! The 3D floating design and 1 inch thicker plates with MCH heater will definitely blow your mind. MCH heaters are better than PTC heaters because its heating process is 30% faster and it can heat up to 395°F. Also, the MCH heaters are equipped with Emerson fuse for safe performances. It also emits negative to diminish hair frizzing and supports dual voltage. It has especially built-in curved edges for thick curly hairs. With a variety of perfectly instructed temperature adjustment settings for different kinds of hair, you’ll never to worry about hair damage. Quality along with safety is guaranteed here. This best hair straightener for thick curly hair is cTUVus certified and comes with a 24-month warranty for each part.


There’s more to it. See the features down below-



  • Handy and easy to use. Take it while you travel and use it on the go
  • Uses MCH heater which is 30% faster than a PTC heater
  • Rapid hair styling facility. Gives you the flexibility to change your hairstyle within a limited time
  • cTUVus certified. Maintains all the safety standard
  • 1 inches thick ceramic plate generates very fast heating
  • Introduces turbo heating arrangements
  • 5 inches extra-long cord
  • Designated power button
  • The package includes- 1 flat iron, 1 storage bag, and 1 user manual
  • Provides 2 years warranty
  • 100% satisfactory performance. You can always change it whenever you want with a full refund guarantee


  1. KIPOZI Professional Flat Iron Titanium 1 Inch Hair Straightener with Adjustable Temperature High Heat 450 degrees Frizz Free Dual Voltage Heats Up Quickly Matte Black

Product Details

Now, get the best shape and movement of your curly hair with KIPOZI Professional Flat Iron. It is a nano-titanium based flat iron that works efficiently against hair frizzing and hair damage. It basically uses an advanced PTC ceramic heater for ultra-smooth performance. The heating can be adjusted from 180°F to 450°F. It suits all types of hair either you are having a curly, coarse, damaged, rough or a healthy hair. Make your hair look salon-fresh with every use. The most interesting feature is its 3D floating plates, you won’t feel a tickle or pinch during the heating period. It uses infrared and fast heating technology also. The heater will be ready within the shortest 30 seconds period of time. Other features like digital temperature display, auto shut-off technology, and dual voltage compatibility made it one of the hot-cake product of the current market. The straightener has the ability to perform dual works with 2 salon tools like ‘curling iron’ and ‘flat iron’. Another necessary feature what we liked about KIPOZI Professional Flat Iron is its 8 foot extra-long 360° swivel cord.


There’s more to it. See the features down below-


  • Storage convenient. Safe lock design. Takes less space
  • Works great for all types of hair
  • The ceramic plate is Nano-titanium infused
  • Available with a digital LCD display. It indicated the condition the condition of the hair and sets the temperature accordingly
  • Features 1 inches thickened 3D floating plates. People with curly hair will face no problems using it
  • Temperature range is 80°C to 230°C
  • Dual voltage capable (100V/240 V). Users outside the USA will need an additional adapter
  • Dedicated on/off button
  • The package includes- 1 flat iron, 1 storage bag, 1 manual & 1 reusable box
  • Provides 2 years international warranty on parts


9.Infrared Steam Hair Straightener, 2 in 1 Professional Infrared Flat Iron 2” Wide Ceramic Heat Plate & Anion Care 4 Healthy & Shiny Hair Digital Styler Iron Protect Keratin Max 450°F 360°, Swivel Cord

Product Details

As the name suggests, the brand new Infrared Steam Hair Straightener uses a professional flat iron that emits infrared rays during the heating process. Its moisture locking technology and many other exceptional features forced us to put the product in our top 10 list. There is none to compare when it comes to providing a long-lasting and shiny straight hair. Adjustable steam releasing technology is the latest inclusion to the features of this product. Its 2 inches wide anti-static ceramic plates produce a significant amount of negative ions which is good enough to make your dull hair go smooth and sleek while you iron. Smart features like firm holding grip, removable water tank facility, dual voltage, auto shut-off, 360° swivel salon cord and travel-friendliness definitely outstand this product than any other contemporary. Even though it’s great for every hair types, we prefer it only for curly thick hairs because of its fast heating capability and advanced temperature control system.


There’s more to it. See the features down below-



  • 6 adjustable temperature settings. Select according to your hairstyle
  • Stylish and easy to maneuver. 9’ textile cord gives you the flexibility to use your machine on the go
  • 360° swivel cord
  • Comes with automatic temperature lock system
  • Produce negative ions. It gives the hair a wet look and prevents hair damage
  • The temperature is displayed by an LED
  • Advanced infrared heating technology. It ensures even heating that prevents unnecessary hair fall
  • The flat iron is made with tourmaline-ceramic plates
  • 2 vapor blast steam settings to make your hair shine
  • Introduces PTC ceramic heating
  • The package includes- 1 water bottle, 1 hair straightener & 1 glove


  1. HSI Professional Glider | Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener | Straightens & Curls with Adjustable Temp | Incl Glove, Pouch, Travel Size Argan Oil Hair Treatment | Packaging Varies


Product Details

HSI Professional Glider is the last one in our list. The straightener is pretty good against curly hairs because it can quickly straighten and flip the curl pattern with a least provided effort. It uses heat balancing micro-sensors for regulation and even heat balancing. The glider plates are made with the combination of ceramic and tourmaline which will work mainly to give you a sleek and smooth look. Even it will work just about fine for the bangs because of its wide plates. That awesome!!

We recommend as one of the very best hair straighteners for thick curly hair.


There’s more to it. See the features down below-



  • The heat balancing technology with 8 micro sensors distributes heat evenly
  • Seals up the moisture and gives your hair a bright shiny look
  • Floating plates with curved angles allow the machine to provide controlled heating
  • The temperature is adjustable. The range is 150-450°F
  • The tourmaline infused ceramic iron gets heated up pretty fast
  • Time consuming. Takes less time to straighten up your hair
  • One of the very best hair straightener for thick curly hair
  • Durable, flexible and provides long-lasting results
  • Comes at a great price
  • Get 1 years manufacturer warranty with the product
  • The package includes- HIS style guide, 1 hair straightener & 1 Argan oil bottle



Final Words

Sometimes best of the best products fail to accomplish its goals because of the user’s effort. If your hair is severely damaged, then no hair straightener in the world can fix that. Before using any of these products, it is advisable to examine the condition of your hair by an expert. If your hair needs hydrating, it is better to solve that problem first. It’s never too late! You can anytime straighten your hair up with a flat iron!!


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