Best Baby Walker for Carpet

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Best Baby Walker for Carpet

In recent times, most of the parents are so concerned about the time when their baby starts to walk. Most them seem to be so tensed about their injuries and other damages that may occur during this learning procedure. All they want their baby to be safe all the time. To rescue your baby from injuries while learning to walk, the baby must be provided with some sort of support. Parents can never be with the baby all day long. Only a baby walker can be the solution of all those problems. Babies walk now and then, and the parents often remain unaware of their whereabouts. If there is a baby walker, then the baby will find it amusing and learn walking as fast as possible.

When you are planning to have a baby walker for your infant who is going to learn walking in the near future, then you need to consider a lot of things at a time. The construction of the walker must be strong enough to give support to a baby that cannot even walk. The construction material must be eco-friendly so that no harm is done to none, not to the environment, and obviously not to the baby. And you will not surely want to buy a monotonous baby walker for your baby. When you need some fun, you will need to study more. Do you want a walker full of activities to make your baby busy all the time? Yes, you have come to the right place for reviews. Here we will give you suggestions that will help you to decide actually what you want. Different types of walkers in the market will certainly make you confuse. You are here to be clear about your demand. Our expert hand service will help you to choose the right walker for your baby that will not only help the baby to learn walking so fast but also make the baby innovative and imaginative in different ways.


What Should Be Considered In Choosing A Baby Walker For Carpet?

A baby walker should meet some criteria that can fulfill your certain demands. A parent should buy the best baby walker that is not just a walker rather it should be a toy for their baby. If the baby finds it much amusing, he will be busy with it & pass most of the time along. It would  surely release the pressure for the parents. Here are some key features that you should look forward in a baby walker:


  • Toy Store


A baby walker should have a place to keep your baby’s belongings like toy & other things. They can keep their favorite toy in that store. So, whenever they want, they can stop walking and then start playing with their favorite toys. Moreover, it may have some buttons containing different lighting system, music system and etc.



  • Food Tray


Food tray makes it easy for a parent to feed their child. Kids can learn to eat by themselves from there too.


  • Brake pads


Brake pads are important as it takes control over the speed when needed. The Proper braking system is the most important concern for the safety of the baby while using a walker.


  • Stationary feature


It helps to prevent the walker from moving altogether. Moving some parts decreases the weight of the package as it becomes easier for a child to move along.


What Are The Benefits Of Using A Baby Walker?

There are various kinds of baby walkers found in the shopping mall which comes in different formations from different companies. Baby walkers have mixed reports on the diversion of usable benefits. But there is no specific indication of any of the benefits properly. Here is our judgment on the benefits that a parent and a baby can avail while using a baby walker.

A tool to help

A baby walker is pretty handy. It may not be a human or a robot or it may not understand anything, but it is designed in such a way that will always help an infant in roaming around. This is a pre-walking tool that helps a baby to walk supporting them with its strength. When a baby is going to give its first footstep, he will be having no sense of balancing itself, a baby walker helps to maintain that disguised balance inside. Another consequence of using a baby walker is that it helps to develop the muscles of a baby.


One of the important features that you should look forward in a baby walker is amusement. You should choose a fun walker for your infant that can grow interest ins him. It will make your baby busy with the fun things in its stock. There should be a toy store, food tray and all other stuff. It will make everything easy for you.


An amusing baby walker makes your baby an explorer. A baby plays in different ways you cannot even imagine. They can make different things from a simple element. You will be astonished when you see your baby using his or her baby walker as a lawn mower. Babies are quick learners and followers. So they will follow you each and every time. It can also be used as a fun game for toddlers.


Types of Baby Walker

There are two types of baby walkers. Those are:


  • Seated Baby walker


This type of walker contains seat. This gives the opportunity to the infants to sit, play and eat snacks. 


  • Sit to stand walker


This type of walker is generally without the benefit of sitting. This one is a better choice than the other one as it lets the baby practice to stand more and more.


What Reviews Say About Different Types Of Baby Walkers For Carpet?

Many companies are fighting with each other to survive in the market. Some are unique in their design, some consider about storage. Some consider price, some consider the construction material. Regarding all these things we will now analyze some baby walkers and help new parents to find out the best one for them.


Step Start Walk’n Ride

Hasbro is the manufacturer of this baby walker. This company was formed long ago with a motive to manufacture toys and games for kids. The Step Start Walk’n Ride walker is one of the most friendly baby walkers that can help your baby to take his or her first footstep. It is very good at performing on the carpet. This is also a great toy for toddlers. The best features that made Step Start Walk’n Ride walker special is given below:

  • Sturdy construction 
  • Usable for long term
  • Helps the baby to stand and walk easily and swiftly
  • Best for children of 9 months to 3 years.
  • Special space for keeping toys
  • Good for toddlers and pre toddlers
  • Comes with different functions like a spinner, antenna lights etc.

This a walker that is of reasonable price. It acts as two in one, a walker as well as a toy.

Positives and Negatives of Step and Start Walk and Ride Walker

Reviews from parents say that it has some negative sides also. On average, this can be rated as a mediocre baby walker. Here are the positives and negatives of the walker:


  • Excellent performance on carpet
  • Batteries are not required
  • Very well-constructed
  • Not so expensive, so most of the parents can bear the expense.
  • Easy to assemble


  • Solely a child propelled rider.
  • No handle is attached to the walker. So parents cannot push if they need to. 
  • The wheels run very fast. That causes accidents.
  • Inappropriate storage to keep the toys which are big.

This walker is best for carpets. But the wheel is so fast and swift when run on floors. That causes anxiety for parents. Some parents complain that there is no handle for pushing the baby when needed. The walker is purely children propelled which is not always safe. Regarding all these problems, this may not be the best so far, but the other performances say this is the one you can trust in.


Joovy Spoon Walker

The Joovy Family Gear Company brings you the Joovy Spoon Walker which is exclusively designed and manufactured by them. This is a family run business. They have a long term reputation on producing practical, effective and safe toys and baby walkers. Their design and production made it sure that they really care about the little angel of your house who is going to learn walking in the near future.

The Joovy Spoon is a seated baby walker. This U-shaped or round shaped walker is designed to make your baby’s muscle strong enough which is a pretty good thing. Some key features of this baby walker are  here as follows:

  • Strongly constructed, safe for babies
  • Can be used in different size and heights.
  • Large tray in front of the walker, food and toys can be kept there. Moreover, it guards the baby from slipping out of the walker.
  • Allows babies both to sit and stand
  • A supportive seat pad is used which is washable in the machine.
  • PVC, BPA or Phthalate free, which is good for environment and baby.
  • Storage for toys and other pets.

The washable seat cushion and the tray are removable that differentiates the baby walker from others. This comes in with a reasonable price too. This is a walker that allows a baby to be with its parents all the time in the same room if they want. The baby can simply sit and enjoy playing with its toys while the parents can be busy with their work without even worrying about their children.

Pros and Cons of the Joovy Spoon Walker

Most parents give this baby walker a very high mark on its performance. This walker became no. 1 in Amazon having maximum star and got the best seller award. This walker is extremely impressive in performing on carpets. But that does not simply prove that this is a picture perfect baby walker. Even this walker has got some negative sides that raises anxiety on parents a bit. Here are the pros and cons of the Joovy Spoon Walker:


  • Simple in design.
  • Functions as a high chair in homes
  • Comes in different colors and features like bells and lights but not too much that disturbs the general purposes.
  • Strong and stable. There is nothing to worry about breaking or tipping over a child.
  • Works smoothly on the carpets.
  • A Tray is positioned in front of the ride which is large enough to carry toys along with the baby.
  • A little bit expensive, but considering the price to performance, it is worth the price.


  • The wheels are a little bit stiff what turns out to be difficult for a child to turn the ride sometimes, especially at first.
  • The seat cushion is tough to set properly after washing.


After analyzing all these points stated above, we can say that the positive sides of the Joovy Spoon baby walker are more than the negative ones. Although the price range is a little bit high, but if you consider the construction and the materials that is used to make the walker, the strength and the design, then you will surely decide to buy this one.


VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

This exclusively designed learning walker is a product from the company named Vtech Kids. They are mainly producing electronic toys and fun games for children.  They more emphasize on teaching things for kids. The VTech Sit-to-Stand baby walker is also a product from them that is barely an electronic device, but still helps the kid to learn things quickly. 

This baby walker can be the first friend for your baby for sure. When a baby learns to walk, he always in need of some support. The walker lets the baby that support to stand without any fear. It gives confidence to the baby as well. Some special features of the baby walker are given here:    

  • It can be laid flat on the floor allowing the baby to play with its toys.
  • There are piano keys that create different sounds.
  • Built in toys include various things. It improves the motor skills of the baby
  • Different shaped lights.
  • 2 modes of play are used – one is music and the other is learning
  • Wheel locking system to lock the wheel when needed. It safeguards the baby.

The learning baby walker can be used for the babies from the age of 5 or 6 months up to the age of 2 and around. This baby walker makes your child busy with different kinds of gaming through which he can learn various things at a time. The walker is obviously not monotonous. Once a baby has learned to walk, the walker can be turned into a toy. So, you can just put this thing in the corner of your house as a wastage. The baby can not only learn to walk, but also it may grow some love for music from the very childhood.


Advantages and Disadvantages of the VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Reviews from the parents who used this baby walker are quite fascinating. They think it is impressive for the most junior person of the family. Most of the reviews show positive sign towards the walker. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the walker:


  • The wheels do not move so fast
  • Kids like the music and the lights
  • Good performance on the carpets
  • The walker is constructed with care and love for the babies
  • Different important shapes and music keys indicate a good start in learning
  • Much strong to carry too much weight.


  • The rear wheel is not far enough, sometimes the baby faces trouble to walk behind contentedly. As a result, it needs to walk sideways.

Apart from this one problem, many modern families think the phone used in the frontal part is quite back-dated. They assume this element can be eliminated and any other modern toy can be replaced. Despite these problems the average result after analyzing all the facts, it is easier to decide that you may have this baby walker cum toddler for your infant.  


Fisher Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker

This extraordinary activity walker is brought to you by the kids’ toys and fun games manufacturer, The Fisher Price Company. This company is renowned for kids’ toys which are not only fun rather safe and eco-friendly too. It will be so hard to find a baby who didn’t have a Fisher Price Toy or any of their products at the beginning. 

The Fisher Price Bright Beginnings Activity is a good choice for the parents as it can be used for different purposes. Different functions of this device help the child to learn many things at a time. The most important fact is, some of the baby walkers are not performing so well on carpets where this walker is so smooth while running on the carpets. When you are looking for something to run on carpets you will not find any other options than this one. These features made the Fisher Price Bright Beginning walker different from others. Some of the special features are given below:

  • Various activities help to improve fine motor skills. It includes flipping doors, sliding beads, snipping panels and balls etc.
  • Can be folded and easy to carry
  • Available in different colors
  • Found all around the world including USA and UK
  • Not so expensive

This light weight baby walker can be considered to be as the best friend for your child when he is learning to move on its feet. When a baby needs support to maintain the balance of its own, this baby walker is always there to help.


Positives and Negatives of Fisher Price Bright Beginnings Walker

There are lots of reviews from the parents who used it for their baby. Most of them are positive. This baby walker is gaining a good rating very quickly. It has gained trust among the people, but still there remains some people who are not happy with the performance. Now we would focus on some of the positive and negative attributes of this baby walker:


  • Good for carpets
  • Good for toddlers
  • Steering to help the child to move the walker
  • Can be used for a wide range of babies starting from the age of 5 or 6 months to 2 years or around.
  • Colorful and full of activities that allow a child to learn through playing.
  • Encourages babies to walk.



  • Too much light weight
  • Can get tipped over sometimes

The Fisher Price Bright Beginning baby walker is so light in weight that sometimes it tips over a child when pushed or pulled so hard. That is the reason why some parents do not like it much. Unless the overall performance and the price is so good that most the parents of all classes can bear it easily.



You have already seen some reviews about the most effective and friendly baby walkers of the world. Some of the top most baby toys or other fun games manufacturers are producing baby walkers to help your child while taking their first footstep. We have also discussed the facts that you need to consider while buying a baby walker for the little most member of your family. Every product that costs higher price is not always the best, cheap products can also meet your demand. Regarding all these facts, now it is your turn to analyze and decide what will be the best for your little angel. Which baby walker is suitable for your child? Let us know which one you bought and how is its performance. We have tried our level best to find you a suitable baby walker of your need. We would consider ourselves very lucky if the article helps you serving your purposes. And not to mention, please do not forget to let us know how much our article helped you. Stay safe then. Cheers & best of luck.

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