Best Baby Monitors For Two Rooms

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Best Baby Monitors For Two Rooms

Babies are the most sensitive parts of a family. Whenever a newborn baby comes to a home, that home seems to be the most happening home ever. Everyone gets busy with the baby. Starting from taking care of the baby to checking the problems regarding food becomes the main concern of a parent and other members of the family. Babies are mostly restless all the time. They are here now, and there then, you cannot even imagine how swift they are. They don’t stick to one task at a time. They love roaming all over the house and play with different toys they love. Sometimes, babies face some accidents what is not expected at all. So their safety comes first priority at any cost. As a result, a person needs to look after them continuously. But that is not always possible as every person has some works to do. That is why baby monitors are important. It is so helpful that one can easily look after the baby even not being close. Engaging a baby with toys, and removing every possible threat, one can look after the baby even from the other room. Baby monitors for two rooms have become popular because they are multi-functional. The popularity is increasing day by day. 

You will be allowed to hear when your baby is crying in the night. When placed inside the kitchen or master room, or in some other times it can also be carried along with, the secondary monitor will also help you, so that you can do your job or finish your important tasks at the time of your child’s taking a nap. You do not have to worry about what and when they need something. is one of the most renowned review websites for the baby goods and materials. Two of the monitor discussed below have got the best award in their respective category from their reviews.

Here you go with our reviews what may help you choose the best baby monitor for you.


Philips Advent Basic Baby Monitor 

The extraordinary Phillips Baby Monitor with the unique DECT Technology is one of the most quality inventions of the Philips Company. Since 1984, baby feeding and other caring poducts for kids and toddlers are being produced by this company. They have gained the faiths of parents by their quality service as they not only care about you, but also they care about your baby. As a token of their tremendous service, The Phillips Baby Monitor with DECT Technology was awarded the best sound baby monitor in the year of 2012 by the Baby Gear Lab which is surely a great achievement. 

This monitor has a single monitor unit. You would get to know almost everything you need about the monitor in this analysis.

What Comes In the Box?

  • Baby monitor
  • AC/DC charger
  • AA batteries
  • Parent monitor unit
  • A base for charging
  • Clip belt for parent unit
  • Start guide to install start using
  • Manual in different languages.

Features of the Philips Baby Monitor 

The Phillips Advent baby monitor is the device that includes the features what a customer may want in a monitor. The sound made by the monitor keeps the baby harmless and informs the parents when he or she needs them, regardless of where you are. The top most features of the tool are as follows:

  • DECT technology is introduced for no interference. No matter what is beside, a cell phone or even a cell tower, there is no intereption occurred between the two devices/
  • Every single sob of your infant can be heard because of the crystal clear sound
  • Electric monitor runs also with rechargeable batteries. So that even if the power shuts down, your monitor will not.
  • Belt clip on the smooth parent unit gives assurance about the monitor to be with you always.
  • 1082 feet range of the monitor.
  • Talking feature permits you calming down your baby at times when needed, without getting closer
  • Modifiable sensitivity for sound quality
  • Available in all over the United States and in selected countries outside.
  • Night light gives your child monitor a double use

This is oblviously a very well-constructed baby monitor which is highly operational.  The device will help to ease a parent’s worry that they will not hear their baby when they cry in the middle of the night or anytime else. Both the electric power supply and the rechargeable battery system lowers the tension of being out of service at any time. The light which can be used in the night and talk back features makes the device one of the most powerful sound monitors ever.

Positive and Negatives about the Philips Advent Basic Baby Monitor 

Although the Phillips Basic Baby Monitor has received very good reviews from, most of the parents rated this moitor with mediocre ratings. The most valid reason for this could be due to the fact that finding alternate batteries for this monitor is too much difficult. However, this monitor has received the maximum number of affirmative feedback on a high percentage of ratings and reviews across the web, which is quite impressive, as many of the users actually liked it. Here are some of the facts that makes the device special:

  • Remarkably clear signal 
  • Almost zero interference
  • Durability is high
  • Page switch is especially accessible
  • Lights up when noiseless alerts required
  • Parent units are connected with the each other for chatting as well as connected to speak to babies
  • Can also run on batteries when the power fails
  • Night light feature; so that a baby does not get frightened in the dark

As the Phillips company does not sell the batteries any more, so it is difficult to find the replacing battery for the device. The one and only other complaint against the Philips Advent Basic Baby Monitor with DECT Technology that  we get most frequently is, some parents find the volume is very low. The volume is louder than any other device to hear which is stated by many. The addition of the lights indicating the baby’s situation while crying is helpful too.

Overall, the Phillips Advent is an exceptional baby monitor that works on both electricity as well as batteries. While the difficulty to get auxiliary batteries for this unit may cause some distress, but if this stress can be surpassed somehow, this must be a brilliantly functioning, long lasting baby monitor which becomes a standard device for your child’s premature years.


Vtech DM111 Safe & Sound Digitalized Audio Monitor 

Vtech is known to be the largest producers of phones and electronic devices. They have become famous producing cordless phones. They were founded in 1976 and since then they are producing such electronic products to help people in their daily life. Later on, they started producing electronic baby products too. 1 pair parent unit is included with Vtech Safe and Sound Digital Monitor which is one of their famous products. This electronic device is not only a device but also can be considered to be as a friend for the new parents. With this monitor you can hear to your baby crying even from the other room. Moreoever, this device allows you to soothe the baby from remote.

What Is In the Box?

The Vtech baby monitor for 2 rooms is not just a device they provide. They provide you a whole package of things you need to install the monitors. The items you will get in the box when you purchase one for you are given below:

  • 1 piece of safe and sound monitor which is digitalized for the baby
  • AA sized batteries
  • 2 different units for parents
  • Power converters for charging
  • A multilingual manual for the users

Special features

The Vtech DM111 Safe and Sound Digital Audio Monitor with 2 Parent Units is one of the best sellers. They have gained the faith of consumers and customers for years. And still they are favorite of all because they are successfully continuing their quality service. They have some special features in their safe and sound digital audio monitor which allows them to be unique. Here are they:

  • Chrystal clear communication
  • No noise
  • Adaptable sound sensitivity when needed
  • the baby can be connected from remote places
  • the distance between two units are around 1000 feet.
  • Operates up to 18 hours if once charged fully.
  • Rechargeable AA batteries
  • The baby monitor loop gets double as a night light for your little one
  • Belt clips for parent units
  • Ships anywhere in the US.

The baby monitor from Vtech is highly modern and attractively designed for 2 rooms. Everything which a parent expects, comes along with the package in a box. Setting up of the monitor is really one of the most simple jobs ever. The skill of talking to your baby is a positive favor from the device you may have. This feature will not only help taking care of your baby, but also can be helpful for the people who takes care of a senior member of the family or someone who is totally bed ridden with interest. The person seeking help can call when he need something, and you also can speak to them when you are busy working on the other rooms.

Vtech DM221 Safe and Sound Digital Audio Monitor 

This Vtech Communications DM221 Safe and Sound Digital Audio Monitor have a lot of good reviews what makes it easier for them to score a good rating. Most of the reviews say that they have excellent experience using this tool. Customers mostly have found this baby monitoring device performing very good as well as met all the demands accordingly. Some of the reviews what they said well about the device:

  • A parent can listen to the weakest cry of the baby as there is adjustable sound sensitivity system is used for decreasing the background noises and other intereptions.
  • The device includes a talk back feature. This is the most famous features among the users who uses this baby monitor. This device can not only be used to guide a kid, but also as it is a good monitor for older persons.
  • Belt clip is another important issue that helps the parents most. The belt clip which is found only in the parent unit helps parents to work along with the monitor with them while they are roaming and working all over the house.
  • The rechargeable batteries are so long lasting that most users really liked it. They liked the idea of saving money by not having to continually buy batteries.

Complaint against the Vtech monitors which is most frequently told, that the monitor should be louder. Some parents find the sound of the monitor less. Difficulty while adjusting the sound sensitivity level may be a reason regarding complain. Few other parents also found that monitors get disconnected without any reason. . The problem was solved for some parents as they reconnected the devices reading the manual, while the very few could not.

In a nutshell, the Vtech DM211 Safe and Sound Digital Audio Monitor is one of the most desired devices for most of the parents who are new. 

Angelcare Baby Movement & Sound Monitor 

Angelcare company has its origin in Canada. This company is producing high quality monitors for infants to make the new parents’ stress free, and to ensure your baby’s safety when the infants are asleep. They are one of the best sellers of baby monitors all over the world. The Angelcare Baby Monitor was the best infant monitors which got the award in 2012 given by the Baby Gear Lab as a mark of their satisfactory service.

What Comes Along With the Package?

  • 8 rechargeable AA batteries
  • Baby Unit
  • 2 different Parent units
  • 2 charging bases for the parental units
  • 3 AC chargers
  • 2 pads which are movement sensored
  • Instruction manual

Extraordinary Features of Angelcare Baby Movement and Sound Monitor Plus

This baby monitor working in dual rooms contains numerous features that would keep your baby harmless, relaxed and you staying out of anxiety during both the day and at night. The structures that make this baby monitor incredible are:

  • 2 pads which are movement sensitive that monitor your baby’s every single moment, including each breath he or she inhales
  • Each monitor for parents charging bases of its own
  • A thermometer is added so that you can have clear informations about the room temperature for the comfort of the baby
  • The baby unit has a night light attached to it
  • A perfect frequency is maintained to prevent meddling from 2.4 GHz equipment
  • If the baby stops breathing for around 20 seconds an alarm starts ringing.
  • Alternative battery operation for kid unit 
  • Adjustable pad sensitivity 
  • Can cover up to 820 feet with alarm
  • LCD screen can be read easily

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, in short mostly called as SIDS, is a matter of great worry for every single parent. The Angelcare baby monitor is designed with the features that surely decreases the level of anxiety for parents. It turns out to result in parents getting a better sleep while their baby is also sleeping. Most of the people would be happy to get any baby monitor that actually screens your baby’s every breath as well as alerts when your baby stops breathing. Surely this  feature makes this device worth two or three times its price.

Pros and cons of the Angelcare Baby Movement & Sound Monitor Plus

Reviews on the Angelcare Monitor for babies are highly enthusiastic. Most of the the parents gives the monitor extremely high rating as it satisfies them. There are a lot of things that attracts many customers but the one which attracts most, is that this is a life saving baby monitor. That is quite accurate. Almost half a dozen parents had this experience that when their monitor’s alarm started and after that they have revealed that their child had stopped breathing. In each case, the parents, after getting notified about the fact of their baby not breathing were successfully wake up their infant in time to get them breathing again. 

This is the number one reason, a parent must consider to buy this monitor for the youngmost member of the family. Other advantages of this precious baby monitor include:

  • Keeps parents out of anxiety
  • The parent units hold charges for a long time
  • Parents’ have better rest with the help this monitor
  • For both the home-bound & bedridden seniors and others as well as infants the monitor can be used

Ver few parents found some difficulties with the Angelcare baby monitor. These are:

  • Initial set up is difficult
  • False alarms as it is extremely sensitive 
  • You must need to shut down the movement alarm when the baby is removed from the crib

While it is so annoying to wake up to the occasional alarm which are false, but it is always better than rousing up to find that your infant’s breathing has stopped at any time of the day or night. On top of that, the false alarms sometimes may be as false as it looks, as sound may wake the infant just with the sound & vibration to start breathing again. If you are really consider it as a real problem, perhaps you must go through the reviews of the parents where they showed gratitude to this monitor saving their child’s life.


The reviews about the three topmost baby monitors stated above are really best in the market available. These monitors are the real life savers. Babies are restless in the early stages of their lives. It is not always possible for a person to take care of their babies all the time. For solving this problem, some of the giant companies are producing some great monitoring devices. Those devices have alarms regarding temperature or even breathing of the child. If the room temperature goes beyond or beneath the comfort zone of the baby, the alarm goes off. Some other devices are so well constructed that there is no interference between the devices while talking to the baby or chat between the parents unit even if the device is beside a cell phone or cell phone towers. Some of the tools are so sensitive that it also alarms when the baby stops breathing. This one is one of the most innovative creations that anyone has ever seen. The parents are more relieved when they have this device. Some monitors contain talk back system which allows you to make your baby calm when they are crying in the other room by not even going near to him or her. It may be used in another purpose. For those who take care of the aged persons, or ill persons who cannot even walk or go anywhere else, for them this product comes as a blessing. But every product has some value of its own. The invention demands some appreciation, as a result the range of the price of baby monitors varies. The simple monitors cost low while the monitor with the alarm that indicates the breathing costs high. But according to my observation, the breathing sensitive monitor is the best one even if it costs high. The special feature of the device performs worth its price as it sometimes can save an infant’s life.

After all these discussions, it is now your choice what you will choose for your baby. As a parent everyone tries to be the best. And nobody wants anything harmful to happen to their baby. So, it is your solitary duty to take care of the baby and help him or her grow up healthy and peacefully. To be careful all the time, does not matter whether day or night, buy a baby monitor now. Considering all the features, advantages and disadvantages and obviously the price, you must choose the best one for you and your baby. Whatever, you buy, be sure the product is original and straight away from the company. Do not buy any kind of refurbished products that may cause trouble in near future. Check your package before buying and use it with comfort. Read the user manual before you install or start using the product for best outputs. Contact company or dealer if any problem arises. Even you can consult with us also. You just need to send us your feedback via email & we would certainly respond to that. Thanks again!!

Happy parenting…

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